Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bordering on Batty


Mary Konior borders are good for me as they make me follow directions. I am terrible at following orders or instructions. In this case, skip a picot or a few ds's and that edging will look as if it had been at the mercy of  too much gin. 

It is really astounding to me how often I make the wrong turn. ( You should see me in the car, with a map...) Also, I seem to make the same error over and over again.  Must be the result of a traumatic birth or some deeply rooted psychological  flaw; I have had this quirk all my life.

Luckily, I never had a career where there was a strict hierarchy, as in the police force or the military.  How do you spell court martial?

Anyway, I am practising away here, playing with the deck I was dealt...



  1. I think your stuff looks great and don't worry...we all make mistakes and some of us even make the same ones over and over too. I tend to miss joins constantly or when tatting I get on a roll making double stitches and forget to stop unless I make myself pay real close attention. You are not alone! :)

  2. Ah, gin. My drink of choice, at least on the rare occasions when I drink. But like driving, I don't drink and tat....

    I have a item I've restarted 5 times because of mistakes

  3. Pretty! I like the color combination.I tend to make mistakes when I am thinking about something else while tatting.....full concentration on the work in hand is required for perfection.

  4. Tattips, That's the ticket!

    "...full concentration on the work in hand is required for perfection," is a perfect explanation!

    Fox : )

  5. When the mind wanders, so does the tatting. You are not alone. I love the colours and these two patterns I have not tatted.

  6. Absolutely agree with the wandering mind syndrome. People talk about tatting on auto-pilot so to speak; and, I HAVE to concentrate. I can't talk and tat, walk and tat (but I can pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time). So the fact that I live as a hermit probably bodes well for my tatting. I'm seldom interrupted and everyone (that's 3, but only 1 is home most of the time) in the house knows if I am making a ring, "Forget about it. . she's gone" You have to be bloodied and on the floor before I'd notice.

  7. I just love your Tatting and the colours that you chose. And we all have wondering minds from time to time some more thah others. L.O.L

  8. Correct, one cannot let the mind wander if they don't want to have mistakes.

    Nor can one (namely me) tat when they're super-tired and their head bobs like a buoy in water - that would be like swimming naked in shark infested waters!!
    (hmmm, haven't tried that one yet)

  9. I am jealous about how you focus, try and retry doing things, like this rolltatting. I would have thrown it in a corner long time ago.. But in the end, you always make it, bravo! Love the flower border!

  10. Hmmmm.... wondering mind...or for some, wandering mind. I make a practice of tangential thinking. As for the dissordered mind, that's why I tat...it's wonderful therapy....until the picking starts. breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, where's my red wine...?
    peace, j.