Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bodacious Bugles, Sensational Stumpies and One Mean Maebh - Oh Mama!

 "Get ready", she said.  "We're outta here." 

Abruptly waking me up, waving her newly-updated passport under my nose,  Maebh reminded me in her own distinctive manner that I had only about ten days to get my own passport in order - otherwise I would not be admitted into the USA - our nearest and .. hmm... dearest neighbour country to the south! I had forgotten to renew my own passport, and it had expired last month.

I hustled.  It is done; we will be off in a few days to see the rest of the family in Manhattan.  Maeve has grown  mighty and the boys have tales of new adventures ready to tell.

 But first, there was:

Because finances are not what they should be in this uncertain time, I was not certain I would test my will power by attending the event this year.  There have been vet bills, moving costs and the trip to NYC coming up - you know what I mean - and to be tempted by all the thread, books, shuttles and beads on those enticing tatting tables ... The blood fairly boils and the fingers twitch!

So, Saturday morning, I was still dithering, procrastinating, but tatting. I tried my hand at roll tatting just to see what would happen, if I still could do it:

The best one to date!

Then, I don't know how it happened - and I have LOST this little piece of tatting  - ( I think I actually threw it out!), but just look at it:

#3 Motif Challenge


Next, I finished up the ends on the latest Stumpy, the one on the left  - so addictive...

#4 Motif Challenge

That is when I realized I had to go to to Cambridge. I also remembered that Tatfully Yours would be there teaching  a course on needle tatting.  I knew I needed a new challenge and I wanted to meet up with Kelly,  so I borrowed my mom's car  - mine would disintegrate into a rust heap on the highway  - and tally-ho!

It was great to actually get to know Kelly.  Last year we were both at the event but maybe just said hello and that was all.  I have been in touch with her this year, and it was lovely to have a face-to-face and to have a new tatting buddy.

Her class was wonderful, as she is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. This is what I accomplished.

#5 Motif Challenge

 The lovely Ms. Kelly left me with her own tatted motif.  So pretty. Thank you, Kelly!

It was a great afternoon, and I am so glad I decided to attend.  It was grand to connect with a room full of of tatters, several of whom I have met before. I think it is important to sometimes experience the feeling of being a part of the larger tatting community.

I have one more thing to share with you. 
Thanks to Miranda...
# 6 Motif Challenge

Through The Thread Exchange, Eliz sent me some Mettler Machine quilting thread, which is about a #80.  I cannot believe when I first started tatting I used mainly this size  - it is INSANELY MINUSCULE!

Also, it is prone to breakage - in three places!  I did not enjoy tatting with this although I do like the end result.
The pattern is one of the Bjorn snowflakes, but I changed the six points and added the bugle beads, as Miranda had suggested.

Maebe says I have to pack now.  Aye, aye, Captain...


  1. So cool! I love your photos with the captions and labels. Have you done this before? If you have I'm sorry, I just noticed. So that's where you were. Cambridge, how far did you have to drive? Oh I do hope you find that little tatting piece full of the different techniques. That is so unique.

  2. Hope that you have a great trip and I also hope that you find your tatting piece!!

  3. What a WONDERFUL weekend you had! Friends and tatting AND a trip to see family to look forward to.

    I also hope you find that snippet of tatting which is positively PACKED with proof of your tatting accomplishments INCLUDING you flexing your newly discovered design muscles.

    The Stumpies look great, but the altered snowflake is WAY cool! I didn't quite see where you and Miranda were going with the bugle beads. It turned out wonderfully!

    Take care and have fun in the city!

    :) Ann

  4. I love the way the snowflake turned out! The bugle beads make the points pointier, and the colors are gorgeous.

  5. Wow,
    So much tatting and Sooo beautiful! I can't keep up. I'm stuck in an edge pattern.
    Please have a safe and wonderful trip!

  6. It was great to meet up with you this weekend!!!! But I really do not think of myself as a teacher. I still have so much I would like to learn in needle tatting. Don't forget to let "Nora Needle" out to keep up those needle tatting projects too. :) Have a great trip!!

  7. I hope you have a wonderful trip :) I absolutely love seeing all the pics and stumpy is shining as usual :D and I do love the bit from Miranda, that is gorgeous! the little medallions are very pretty also, very nice pics, very nice indeed. I hope you find your little sampler, I have one similar, but it isn't of different techniques, it is simply for gauge of different threads, lol, I lie the different techniques idea better, good job :)

  8. hi Fox !
    I enjoyed reading this brief report that is filled with happiness.
    it's too bad you're so far away, otherwise I would have liked to participate in these lessons lace ;-)
    ancolie /France

  9. I love your sample piece - I hope you find it! What a great way to show off tatting. All your Stumpys look great - really like the beads. You're just so busy. Hope you and Maebh have a great trip.

  10. Wow! You are a tatting machine. I can't believe how much you get done - and it's all beautiful!

    Have a wonderful, safe trip :)