Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waiting To Exhale...

#17 Motif Challenge

I am almost afraid to keep tatting because I am so happy with this!  This is elisadusud's pattern, which I have done only once before, and it was pretty floppy and uneven.  This one is considerably tighter and more uniform... so far!

Keep your fingers crossed... or ummm... well, you know.

Oh, the bead, you ask?  There will only be six.  Just six.  Six small, unobtrusive, little beads.  This is an improvement.

One more thought:  Find  the TWO split chains!  Two of them!  Yippee!!



  1. It's looking good, Fox. You are inspiring me to try clunys.

  2. Yes!!! Try it, Suztats. It is a lot of delayed fun. LOL!
    Fox : )

  3. FAN-TATTER-ISTIC!!! Those are some LOVELY clunies - really nicely shaped - and I don't see the split chains at all! Tat on tat sister!

    :) Ann

  4. Thanks, Ann! I have really been working at those clunies.... : ))

  5. You are a master in clunys now, unbelievable!!!! I must try some on needle, I know its possible, so why not :)
    As for the split chains, don't think I will try them EVER. I am waaaaaay too lazy for that, rather cut and start over, but I admire anyone who do them, like you :D

  6. I sent you some beads. But they are VERY tiny.

  7. Oh Goody, Crazy Mom!
    I do not have any tiny beads! More ammo for my bead arsenal! Can't wait to try them. Thanks!
    ♥ Fox : )