Saturday, August 28, 2010

Turquoise for Mini Boss Maeve and A Blueberry

This is the pattern, thread and beads I will use to finish the trim - by default.  I wanted to use the same turquoise that is in the motif, but ran out.  So, I picked this colour, from the giveaway stash, as it is  the closest match.

I had planned to tat Ruth  Perry's edging,  but it is overwhelming for the little hat.  Nice pattern though.

 Motif Challenge #10

Once again, the coffee shop helped alleviate the tedium of the simple border.

 It was there that I began to think of this, while I was tatting the border:

A number of years ago, I took an Arscura art course about colour from a local Beach artist; it was illuminating.  Though I was not into an art, (except always photography) or craft-type endeavour, I was hoping the lessons would stimulate my writing as that is what I was immersed in at the time. It did.  I learned a lot about my craft, and about myself during this amazing course.

Lately, those lessons have been popping back into in my thoughts, and all the stuff that I learned in an unusual way - as this is Rudolph Steiner's methodology -  is becoming useful all these years later in a completely different medium.  

The blueberry was on the table and I kept looking at it, wondering what it was trying to say to me.  Then, I realized that the problems I have been having with purples and lilacs and mauves are all solved by that little berry.

I know when I add berries to my oatmeal and they heat up, the oatmeal around the berry turns blueish  till I further disturb the cereal with a spoon to reveal the pinky-lilac colour leaking out closer to the berry...


I realize that regular colour class will teach this as a rule, but I learned this experientially, and so I now know that when I mix the oatmeal, I actually see the blue and the red in the porridge. The infamous blue-purple and red-purple dilemma is now solved for me, as I never could figure why purple was a cold or a warm colour, a red tone or a blue one.!

It all makes sense and oatmeal is smart.



  1. Ah, blueberries! And I thought they were just delicious! Who knew there was a lesson to be learned? : )

  2. Eating oatmeal is good for the mind!! Neat thought!!

  3. Love the edging and the colours go really well. As for Blueberry's one word YUM!

  4. Hey Fox!
    My husband is in Canada tonight (way out west) and will have a cup like yours in the morning. He mentioned going to Tim Horton's and was surprised I even had a clue about the place. Thanks for keeping us apprised on the local flavor (blue berries included)!

    That's a pretty edging for the hat! I really like the Ruth Perry edging, but can see that it would be too much for that tiny hat.

    :) Ann

  5. lessons learned when you figure it out for yourself will stay with you longer and mean more then lessons learned by listening to a teacher talk. congrats on figuring out the differences in purples. the same goes for greens too- yellow, or blue.