Monday, August 30, 2010

Stumpy and Border in Tatters!

 #11 Motif Challenge

Kersti's  pattern is fun and fast and I like the shape.  I think it would be a good motif to sew on a little vest or other small child's item. The thread is Coron, #40, received in a thread exchange  with umintsuru.  I love this thread! It is shiny and tightly wound  - a joy to  work with.  It help my tatting look good!

 Anne's Dragon Wing doily pattern, also in Coats, Floreetta, #20,  from umintsuru.  Oh, I do hope I don't run out here! This is a wonderful pattern.  Fun to tat.

 #12 Motif Challenge

Lastly,  violent behaviour erupted when I took down a border that had been on The Lamp.  It was looking sorry - dusty and very amateur, I might add, as I tatted it a year ago!  You can see it here.

You Know Who pounced as soon as it was within reach.  Its new life as an amusement for The Cat has been born.  Enjoy, Cat!

Mary Konior Border in Tatters!


  1. Your stumpy motif is sharp! And the dragonwings doily is looking great too! :)

  2. I love this motif and colours are so bright :)
    The cat is lovely!!

  3. I really like the "Stumpy" motif. I have an idea for it but was wondering what the finished size was? I am thinking of add it to a hair clip for a wedding we are going to in a couple of weeks. Glad to see that "The Cat" is doing well.

  4. Both of your work is lovely! Your tester is rather cute too.

  5. I just finished lunch duty, so I'm seeing limeade and mint chocolate chip ice cream... yummy!

  6. Maebh do keep better control of your cat!

    Did you get a downloadable pattern for Stumpy or just print off Kersti's blog page? I used to have the pattern.

  7. Tatfully Yours - Yes, it would be perfect, as it is only about 2 inches - just the right size for a hair clip. I might make one for The Boss! Thanks!
    Fox : )

    Tatskool, Yes, on her website. All her bookmarks are there.

    Thanks for the great comments, everyone!
    ♥♥ Fox : )

  8. I'm looking forwad to the finished. I like this pattern, so I will try 2 color threads like you. :)

  9. Love the colour of your Stumpy motif and the Dragon Wing Doily looks great! As for the cat she is so sweet that is just what mine would do! LOL

  10. I love that stumpy motif. Very pretty in those colours.
    I love your cat too, a cute help for tatting works ? !;-)
    Have a nice day

  11. I like Stumpy, the colors used are fresh and lovely. The doily is coming along nicely as well. Your cat is naughty and lovable.

  12. So glad you liked the Coron threads. The threads for the dragonwing doily is from Coats Floretta. I love the doily pattern and must try it. I have bookmarked the pattern for my 'to tat' list. If you need more Coron, just let me know.

  13. umintsuru,
    Just testing! LOL!

    It is hot again here - brains are fried - thanks for the correction!
    The Coats is also a very nice thread.

    ♥Fox : )