Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post-Posting Pulchritude

Here is the result of the first non-posted thing I have tatted since the beginning of tatting times.

Jon's pattern 'Sweet Rose,'  from her Snowflake book.  
The thread is Tatskool's Vanilla Sky

I am impressed with the way it feels, as I never would have believed my tension would have been so affected by throwing that shuttle through the tatting, as the ds is performed.  Live and learn...



  1. That is so beautiful and the colors are just fantastic! :)

  2. It really looks great! Congratulations on your discovery. Sometimes it is a matter of finding out what works for YOU. It looks like you've done just that.

  3. This looks perfect with every tiny little stitch exactly in place. Happy tatting...

  4. I'm glad you decided to post this as it is definitely post worthy! Very pretty.

  5. boy that looks soooo goood. totally loving the thread!

  6. WOWEE KHADOWWEEE! Is that really you,
    LadyShuttleMaker! Good to see you here! A Very good sign.
    ♥♥ Fox : ))

  7. It looks very yummy: as ice cream with whipped cream and blueberries!

  8. Wow, you did make my thread look yummy. Thanks.
    I have made that design but didn't recognize it! all I saw was the thread which jumped off the screen at me.