Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini-Boss-Maeve Must Have One Too!

On the hook, but no tatting as yet....

 My First #-D flower!

Rushing to go to work, so the colours are wonky....
I have sewn it on the hat and hope it is stable enough.  I am not too handy with needle and thread, so I hope it survives the wash this winter!  Am still working on the border...

I have signed up for Sharon' design class.  This is a year of firsts, I must say.

You know, I said I would never use beads in my tatting and that I would never  tat 3-D flowers, as I thought both of these things unappealing and unattractive!  I also said to S.M. last year that I would probably  not take a design course, as I was simply a technician and not a designer.  Hmmm.

Well, yesterday, at lunch, this is what happened.  I was fooling around with some of the giveaway thread ...

#8 Motif Challenge

It may not be big, bold, or beautiful, but it's my baby!

Funny, but I really enjoyed taking the thread and beads out of my kit and without knowing where I was going produced something from nothing.

The design course is definitely something that will benefit this tatter!



  1. The design course is marvelous and will challenge you in way you didn't expect. You will see tatting patterns pop out of everyday things (one of my favorite outcomes from the course) and learn why patterns ruffle, cup or lie flat, for example.

    Your first design is to die for!

    No pressure at all, but I predict the design course will unleash an inner designer who is crying to get out.

    Best of luck! You will love it!

  2. Make a matching one and you've got earrings! You've now caught the designing bug. How exciting!

  3. It is a 'rule' that if you say you won't do something, you end up doing it! That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

    I had to chuckle about your comment about sewing. Seems another point of 'sameness'….I wish I could sew. Just simple things, like pillow cases, sewing edgings on hankies (so they don't look as though 12 year old did it).

    Finished my bookmark, need to scan it so I can share. It's a pencils bookmark from Nancy Tracy's 12-months of bookmarks.

    xx bj

  4. Very pretty flower )
    With beads tat-things are like jewellery )

  5. Thanks for the marvellous comments today! ♥

    bj, I had to laugh. My sewing also looks like it is done by a pre-teen, and I think it is because I am so disinterested in sewing that I just don't care to do it right!
    Bratty Fox : )

  6. I love your 3D flowers... what fun! Mini Boss deserves to be spoiled too. I hope you enjoy the design class. I started a year or so ago, but I found it was a bit overwhelming for me. I just don't think I have the designer gene.

  7. Looking forward to seeing Mini Boss`s hat when it is done!! Would these be Christmas gifts by any chance!?!

  8. Most tatters are designers, but they just don't know it. Almost everyone tweaks a pattern by adding beads that weren't called for or using colours other than the one's specified, adding picots, omitting picots, making a ring smaller or larger, either deliberately or by accident. It's just a little nudge from there into designing.

  9. Very nice, and a first design, even better!

  10. Hey Fox!
    I see I've got some catching up to do 'cause you've been busy tatting and organizing! Doesn't it feel great to get all your favorite stuff sorted, ready to roll and with room to add more when the "need" arises?

    The Boss's hat is a REAL BEAUTY. I love how you have taken a simple hat (which you did a lovely job crocheting), and jazzed it up with that SMASHING tatted flower! I've long admired 3D flowers (and think I have the book you are working from), but have never attempted one. I'm sure your stitching will keep it in place especially if it is hand washed.

    Your first design is VERY pretty. I really like the cluster of beads in the center of the flower. And you even worked in clunies!

    You will LOVE the design course. I signed up for it last time, but dropped out a little bit in because life got hectic and I caught the fabric bug. I still haven't tatted my first design all the way through although I like it very much. Isdihara is right, you WILL look at the world differently and find unexpected sources of inspiration. I followed the rest of the class and made a notebook to reference. Sharon shares allot of wonderful information. You will enjoy it!

    :) Ann

  11. Hi, Ann!
    I am really looking forward to this course, as I am frustrated in all that I do not know about using space.
    The book is wonderful, now that I am no longer afraid of it!
    Thanks for the visit! I have missed you. ♥ Fox : )

  12. Lovely as always!! Where could one find the pattern for the hat? I don't personally crochet, but my mom does :) I think the kitten might need one of these!

  13. I just love those 3d flowers on the Bosses hat and your little motif is cute.

  14. Tattin' Kat,
    I just make it up as I go - very simple increases. Your mom can find lots of free kids hats patterns for crochet on the net. Sorry, but this is like my Gram's recipes - a pinch of this and a little bit more of that - sort of instruction!
    Fox : )

  15. I've just received your letter with threads ))
    Thank you very much!!!!
    So soft colours...

  16. The hat is gorgeous, and your cluny design.
    Just trying to catch up on the great things you have been doing.

  17. Thanks for all the comments to-day Tatskool!
    ♥ Fox : )