Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crossing, Not Burning Bridges

#19  Motif Challenge

Yes, this is me, stepping away from the tallies - at least, tearing myself reluctantly away.  So obsessive.  I just want to try it "one more time"! However, I did randomly pick a book and flipped to the first pattern I was drawn to and this is what happened.  You can always count on Konior I say. Mary Konior's patterns make tatters look good!

Finished up the dangle - for her bureau; or wall or window - for The Boss, whose bedroom is all pink and yellow.  I will present her with this surprise later today.  She is still at an age where all presents get a gleeful, "Ohhhh," and that is great by me!

#20 Motif Challenge

This is very exciting.  I saw somewhere that someone had a book of her blog, printed by Blog2Print  that gives you a bunch of options on how to preserve your blog, as a record.

I was so intrigued and had to do it and I am delighted with the  result, so I am passing on the link. No, I was not paid to say this!  This is not inexpensive, but it is a great way to have hard copy of your work.  I can flip through and find something much faster than I can by surfing around my blog online.

Random Pages

Now: Roll Tatting,  This is as far as I have come. 
There are YARDS of ruined thread to attest to it!

News on the mail-front:   Thread from Singapore and from Russia!  Thank you UMI & TSURU and Lenhen! Lovelies to add to my growing stash from T.T.E.. Plus, BONUS! My Mr Dreamy Gran gets more interesting stamps.  Look at that Russian one - he will be most intrigued!

I have collected these for him and will send them off in the mail soon.



  1. I've been looking into the book thing off and on for quite awhile. I just have so much editing to do after 7 + years of blogging.

  2. I only had one year! So much easier!
    Fox : )

  3. Thanks for the link for printing the blog stuff. Must find out more about it!

  4. The blog book is so cool. The both motifs are lovely.
    You are doing so well with your clunies.

  5. I think that's a good idea for bloggers whose ideas and thoughts, and tutorials are worth saving. Which is to say, mine fits none of those categories. But it is really neat! Graphic designers love stuff like this! Well, at least Fox and I seem to like the same things.

    Love the stuff for granddaughter. My granddaughter and I found a 'bib' style metal necklace she loved, and I looked at it and said, "Shoot, I could tat that and a ring to match!" So guess who wants a one of tatted bib necklace and bracelet? Me and my BIG mouth..hoisted on my own petard. (sigh)

    I told her, check w ith me before Christmas, I'm up to my ears in rosary, and sheep right now…


  6. That is a BEAUTIFUL Konior motif! You did a lovely job tatting it.

    Of course The Boss's dangle is a rollicking good time - SO CUTE! I see SOMEONE's been into the beads again! But the beads and the button SO make this dangle extra special.

    The blog book is so neat! I like that idea. It crosses my mind every now and then that someday my blog might go poof! I think that would make me pretty sad.

    I think your rolls are looking VERY nice indeed!

    :) Ann

  7. Love the Tatting and I shall have to have a look at that link.

  8. I love the flourish look of #19. You certainly are doing a lot of tatting and it looks great. Happy tatting...

  9. #19 Motif is beautiful )

    PS: if you wish I can translate weapon names on the stamps

  10. Fox, I love your header changes!

    I think I am starting to recognize some Mary Konior patterns - love that motif. The Boss' dangle is especially cute with that kitty button - she will definitely love it.

    That blog printing idea is great! I would even be interested in just having the pdf files - editing my mess into a book would be a nightmare :) Thanks for sharing the link.

  11. Blog2Blog; You can also have your blog made into a PDF that you can save... Very inexpensive archive!

    Lenhen, Great! I will email...

    Fox : )