Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy for Clunies or Here I Go Again....

Couldn't have performed this feat in the humidity of the past month.  Give me snow over sweat any time~

#15 Motif Challenge

No tsuris so far...Am moving along at a fair clip this time. I tatted it several few weeks ago, and had a a terrible time, as I got the instructions completely wrong and had to start over a number of times.

Here I have added beads and am using three different colours of blue thread.  This resulted in an interesting, subtle effect in real light.

From A New Approach to Tatting by Yusai Shokoin.

Following sewmuchfun's lead  at the  Nifty Needle:  Roll Tatting,  My first attempt.

I do not have the hang of it yet, but am willing to roll with the punches..

non sequitur:
Anybody out there in Tat-Land know how to get a copy of Susan Fuller's A Potpourri of Patterns?



  1. The motif is gorgeous and elegant! I love the blues! :)

  2. Have been thinking of your adventures with Clunies and I attempted my first one today -- it did NOT turn out. Yours look like perfection -- nirvana!

    And looks like you are making great headway on roll tatting too!

    Full steam ahead, Fox!

  3. Fox the Fearless, that's who YOU are! Clunies, beads and three colors in the SAME motif. It is GORGEOUS but perhaps a feat to be attempted only by thrill seeking tatters! I do see the subtle shifts in color and must say I really love the effect!

    Looks like you are already on a roll, Fox! That bottom ring looks GREAT! Thanks for the shout out!

    I've noticed that you have been playing around with your header again. I liked yesterday's picture and also today's. I won't get too attached YET though, in case you have another surprise in store for tomorrow. :))))

    :) Ann

  4. Love your new header and your motif is looking great

  5. I wish I could sit down with you and learn to do clunies. It is in my head…I've read the tutorials but have not had the get up and go to 'just do it.'

    I'm like you, I want to know how to get Susan's book. The first one she wrote is out of print..but she was working on a new one.. Guess I'll have to e-mail her and find out…IF I can find her address. It was on the old dell and I've lost my address list.

    I'm looking for stamps for that boy who likes your tatting.

    xx bj

  6. Roll tatting????? Really?????? You amaze me, is there anything you are not afraid to try??? Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Roll tatting is really tough!

    I don't know how sewmuchfun did that Mary Konior pattern so brilliantly! It'll be a long time before I will tackle that one!
    Fox : )