Monday, August 23, 2010

Confessions of Collections

First, SHOW:
  #7 Motif Challenge
This is a fun one. I think it is going to look amazing. 
The Boss is going to love it...

Then, TELL:
 Took a few photos while in the midst of an organizational frenzy.  I wanted to see what I have managed to collect since I began tatting.  This is the final result after some purging and giveaways of two short years of amassing.  Yah, I REALLY NEEDED all  of this.  Every little thread and bobbin! I KNOW anyone reading this knows exactly how I feel!  : ))

Those white stacked plastic containers are almost empty, and not particularly large, so they perch prettily on my table, very practically. I am well prepared for further developments of the acquisitional  kind. Is this not a good thing?  I think you will concur.

The orange-lidded container holds patterns I have scanned and used am am keeping for another tat.
The two bins are where I keep all the thread in my cupboard
.  The small pic shows the two bins, side by side.  There really isn't a WHOLE lot of thread , really...
The books and the beads....  a fine, hearty collection....
The paisley box (I thought of Sally!) holds all my tatted treasures.  
Still a modest sized box, but will need to be replaced this year I am certain.

Larger photo of all my pretties in their special place....
Ready for Autumn, or as they call it 
...the Fall...hmm...



  1. I have a small head if The Boss decides she doesn't like her new hat. ;D

    Please share how you are creating the wonderful frame of photos you've used in your last two posts. I've really enjoyed the way you've used it.

  2. I just have to share the verification word that I just had--retat. So appropriate for my latest tatting effort. :)

  3. I'm afraid to put all my tatting thread, books and beads together to see how much I really have. LOL!

    Wow, I love your brown hat with tatted edge and flowers. I wished I could crochet, I'd make one just like that for myself. It's gorgeous!! I have a hard time buying hats of any kind. I have a small head and any adult size hat like this (any hat) is always so big on my head it looks ridiculous.

  4. You just might be able to fill some of those containers in Cambridge next month. I know I am hoping to stock up on patterns and threads...My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!

  5. Almost forgot!! I think "The Boss" is going to love that new hat!!

  6. Love the crochet with tatted accents!!!
    If the boss doesn't like it, you can send it to me!!!

    Your organizing is giving me inspiration - I've been procrastinating at cleaning up my 'mess'... I have books here, tatted pieces there... yada yada (you get the idea).

    First on my list for the weekend... clean-up duty!

  7. I forgot to ask about the flowers you tatted for the hat. The pattern looks familiar, is it by Lyn Morton or is this your own creation? I just love this hat. The colors you put together for the flowers and trim are perfect!!

  8. Hi!
    The photos are arranged in Picassa, using the collage mode.

    The hat is indeed Lyn Morton's from the Tatting Patterns book.

    Can't wait for Tat Days in Cambridge, Onatario!

  9. Wow, you really got into it. It seams like you have enough thread to tat for the rest of the year, and more. I can't wait to see what you will come up with next.
    The flower intrigued me too because it appears 3D, and I am in search for something like that to my next project. Wonder if I could use it in my necklace...

  10. I love the hat! I thought about taking a pic of the see-thru storage cubes that hold my thread and a FEW other supplies. Nope...kind of embarrassing really. I have a tall FULL bookcase. And lots of stuff not in either place. I started out with a tiny wicker basket. I just can't imagine how I survived!

  11. Love the hat... love the organization... want to come to my house? I've lots of organizing to be done, and I think I have some yarn for hats that the Boss might like!

  12. Gina, That makes me a tad queasy - a FULL bookcase? LOL!

    Diane, I'm afraid you'd be unnerved if I started to go through your supplies...I can be brutal when it comes to cutting down. You should see what I JUST did to my Blog Roll... Savage... : ))

  13. Love the hat and I am sure the Boss will love it! And you are pretty well organised there!

  14. What a great hat - crochet, tatting and all! And you are so neat in your organiszation.