Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Cat Approves Pink

 The Cat was interested in the thread for The Boss's new hat.

 I am tatting with two new facets to the technique.

Who knew that I was holding my Aero backwards!  Thanks, Marty, for mentioning somewhere, that you hold the shuttle with the hook facing right..  Religiously, I always hold it left, just as I always posted the shuttle. Tried it Marty's way and, voilà! Far better for me.  Everybody's different, but this works for moi!

After two years of determined enforcement,  I am having to un-learn two things at the same time!  My poor brain!

Whatever;  here is The Boss's hat in the making.  The crocheted part is done, thank goodness, as I don't like crocheting at all anymore! I am finally doing the vintage edging I have had on my desk for about a year;  it is so simple, but very pretty. 

The flower will be the corsage from Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton.  Three kinds of pink and some beads.

The Lizbeth is splitting like CRAZY as usual.  What is it with me and Lizbeth?  And that is mostly what I have in my stash....



  1. fox,
    Sorry to hear about the problem you are having with your thread & it being mostly the kind you have in your stash. But your boss'hat is looking fablous!

  2. Now that's interesting. I've always held the hook/ point facing left as well. That's how I was taught, and that's generally how I see pictures of other people doing it, too. It seems to me that if you hold it to the right, (a) you have to turn the whole shuttle around to make a join, and (b) you run the risk of stabbing yourself in the palm. In the end, though, I don't think there's really a right or wrong way to hold the shuttle, as long as the stitches get made.

    That edging is so pretty and dainty. The Boss will love it! I have to keep reminding myself that the simplest patterns are sometimes the nicest looking as well.

    About the Lizbeth, yeah, I've noticed a definite drop in the quality from when it first came out. Size 40 doesn't seem to be as bad as 20. But why, oh why, can't they make thread with colors like that that works the way it's supposed to????

  3. Oh my what a beautiful cat!!! What type of cat is she/he. And its a good thing to learn that I also was holding the shuttle

  4. The pink is very pretty! I guess I must be extremely lucky. I've had no problems with the Lizbeth splitting. What a puzzle!

  5. What a beautiful cat, and what great pictures! As I look at the last frame, I can easily imagine her taking a short break from the tatting before her or was she loading your shuttle? ;)

  6. I don't use an aero but I suspect it's whatever you are comfortable with doing. Oddly enough, I found several people tat with the clover point facing down. I always have it facing up, unless I wind the thread on in the wrong direction. If you haven't seen the Palmetto CD, Hands Tatting, check it out. It shows actual footage from Tat Days of different people tatting in different ways. It's all good!

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments about ♥ The Cat ♥ my familiar, who is alao a male cat - a Burmilla and beautiful! Big talker.
    Fox : )

    BTW - I know everyone has their own way of using a shuttle, but I am staggered at my own lack of adventure in not trying different ways of holding the thing. I just did what the first instructional ordered and never tried anything else!

  8. I always hold the hooks to the left too. Have you found it easier to use held to the right? Less snags maybe?

  9. hummm I've held it both ways over the years…usually facing left is the habit. I have had Lisbeth thread split using a crochet hook that is too small, if I stepped up a size it didn't split. That's when I use a shuttle without a hook (I try to use all of my shuttles at one time during the years; except for the GR8 and metal collection).
    So your cat is your "familiar" I haven't heard that term for a while; Remember the movie Bell Book and Candle, where a cat named Piewacket was a familiar? Judy Holiday was the star. Anyway the term brought back that old memory. LOL Does that mean you are a witch or a Wiccan? :>) xx bev

  10. tatterjil, For me, it snags less. But, it hardly eer snags the other way either. This just feels better. : )

    bev, I do not remember that movie; no; and another no! More of a "sensitive" would be my descriptor!
    ♥ Fox : ))

  11. I love that you add tatting to crocheted hats - the Boss is a lucky girl! I used to crochet all the time, but now it seems less beautiful and so "easy" - not a challenge anymore. (Dumb thought - I'm certainly not that good at it!)

    I have only tried the Aero once, but the hook got in my way by snagging my thread - never thought of turning the dumb thing around! I have avoided considering shuttles with hooks on them when looking at ones I'd like to order - now I'll have to rethink that :)

    I have not had the trouble with the Lizbeth threads splitting, but I have come across little bumps or what seem to be knots here and there. I've been able to just tat right over those without any problem.

    I, too, love your cat!

  12. I always hold the hooks to the left too when I use aeroshuttles ;-)
    Beautiful cat , beautiful work,beautiful color ! how are you doing all things so perfect ?! lol
    I wish you a nice day

  13. The hat is going to be Beautiful! Lucky Boss!

  14. What a beautiful cat! We have a Blue Mink Tonkinese that looks like your cat only darker in blue/grey. She loves to lay across me while I tat although my allergies get in the way sometimes.
    Is that the new Lizbeth size 80 you are tatting with? I havent had problems with any of the other sizes although I too have come across a couple knots/breaks and a few small knots.
    Your tatting is absolutely exquisite! Very pretty!

  15. I think there is no right or wrong way to hold a shuttle, whatever works best for you. I keep my hook to the left with the thread coming off the top of the bobbin, but I have seen folks doing it the opposite way.

    Lovely colors, I can see why the cat approves.

  16. Aw... the pink thread color coordinates very nicely with kitty!!

    Wow, that means I always held my shuttle backwards... to me, it just felt more natural to have the hook facing me... who knew?!
    With the clover shuttles, I always hold them tip-up.

    Has anyone seen the TV series Mr. Monk?
    Well I guess I'm a little Monk-ish when it comes to the way I hold my shuttles... LOL

  17. I prefer my shuttle pointing left. Anyway this project looks very interesting and the cat looks adorable!

  18. Glad it works for you, Fox. I used to tell people I held the hook to the left. Uh-huh. As I wound it and popped in the bobbin if it held it in my palm, the thread and hook faced to the left. Once I close my hand and start to work, the whole thing turns over when I turn my wrist so I'm actually working with the hook facing left. You know I've been tatting for three dozen years and just figured that out this month?!!