Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Regular Renoir...

 with my palette of pretties! 

And yet another go around...

#14 Motif Challenge

Yes, I seem to have a handle on the pattern, but I am getting antsy and bored just thinking about doing three more motifs.

Maybe later.  I am just  not in the mood for more - though tatknot  has explained to me how to approach the joining of the motifs.  It sure doesn't seem as onerous if the squares are joined so that the end does not come in the middle - if you catch my drift!

#15 Motif Challenge

Next week, I shall be having lunch with a good friend who loves my tatting and has given me such great support from the beginning.

Her enthusiasm is always so appreciated especially in the beginning, when everyone else was mystified, wondering what on earth I was up to this time! She has always been so intrigued ( yes, I gave her a shuttle and instructions, but knitting is her game) by the art, so I love sometimes surprising her with small motifs when we visit.  Great excuse for another dangle!

Pssst.... look at the metallic middle of the motif.  It is easier to tat with it as I get more practice.  I think the improvement is evident here...  : )

Remember I have talked about Dreamy Brother - eldest gran; five years old - and how he likes tatting?  He told me orange was his favourite colour when he saw me tatting an orange motif.  When I got home, I ruined the motif, so I tatted this one, blue being his REAL fave, and sent it to him. His mom told me he loves it and it is being sewn onto his school knapsack!  I am SO honoured!



  1. The square motif is beautiful in green. That's so cool that he likes your tatting and will show it off. A lifetime of tatting for him ahead of you..what an opportunity for your imagination.

  2. Lovely as always! I LOVE the dangle. I really need to try one, but my to be tatted list is so long :)

  3. Fox. Since he loves tatting, teach him now. I taught my grandson Christopher; and, although he didn't keep up with the tatting into his twenties, it gave him a real appreciation of my fiber art! Little boys love to tie knots….

    xxx bj

  4. Love the dangle and the motif is sweet with the beads!!!

  5. These pieces are lovely. I really like the rainbow piece. Happy tatting...

  6. Hey Fox!
    I've got to comment on Dreamy Brother's knapsack ornament first because I LOVE the orange and blue together and it is SO pretty but still has plenty of boy appeal! Sounds like it was a SCORE!

    The dangle is stunning in those colors! Continue to admire your bead selection - they really enhance this lovely motif.

    The square looks peaceful and sweet in those colors. It's beautiful!

    :) Ann