Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is the second attempt:
#1 New Motif Challenge

This is the first attempt:
 #2 Motif Challenge

The pattern is from A New Approach to Tatting by Yusai Shokoin.  The first time - second photo - I messed up badly.

So, I turned the tatting into this star-shaped motif and kept going.  I just didn't have the heart to throw out one more piece of botched thread.  It came out better than I expected!

The second one - I need to tat it again and make the clunies much bigger.  The pattern is in Japanese, and thought there is a very clear diagram, I was not certain how big to make the tallies.  They are way too small, as they are supposed to arc in the corners.  Next time....

Through tatting, I am learning more about myself.  I am more impatient than I thought.  I have a very short attention span and get easily bored, so I tend to rush through patterns and so am disappointed in the result.



No more tearing through patterns.  I will slow down and concentrate on the quality - not the quantity. I want to see how a conscious effort will affect my tatting.

I am pretty stubborn ad very determined.
After this post,  pieces I tat should reflect if I am keeping my promise to me.  : ) 

 #3 Motif Challenge

Playing around with left -over thread;  I am now able to do split chains easily!  Finally!  AND I saw clearly that I needed TWO shuttles to keep the same colour in the chains!  Duh! Never realized that before.

Ah, sweet learning curve... it'll get you every time.

The beads were too small!  I bought the wrong size and when I returned to the store, there were NO MORE!
However, I did find these..........
Not a bad replacement!                                           
#4 Motif Challenge
One more - just for fun!


  1. Wow! Everything looks so beautiful!!! I love all the colors and the designs! :)

  2. I will "keep my fingers crossed" for your promises!
    The third motif (of new challenge) is going to be great :)

  3. Well I think you have a lot of patience, you are not afraid to take on new challenges and show the mistakes on the way. Also love your colour combos, don't beat yourself up - as you said you are a very determined person and thats great! I'm now off to bed!!!

  4. Love the finished motif and the colours are just sweet! It goes to show that patience and practice works out in the end!

  5. I like all of the motifs, just as they are. If you don't tell people about mistakes, they'll think that's the way it's supposed to be. By the way, did you know you can avoid the colour break in a split chain if your second colour is a variegated thread that has that same colour at the point where the split occurs. Or you can use a double bobbin shuttle that with let you swap colours when you need to.

  6. Hi Fox!
    Attempts one and two are still VERY pretty. You have a wonderful eye for color. I'm excited for you, figuring out split chains. I printed out some instructions for them some time ago and couldn't wrap my brain around them at all.

    Good resolution. I think sometimes the time factor can put me into a rush and I either pick a pattern I think I can do in the time I have but don't like as well, or I try to rush through a pattern. Tatting isn't a quick hobby though, I guess and shortcuts don't usually work out for me.

    :) Ann

  7. Beautiful work as always! Hopefully a cool spell will be headed both our ways soon....I know the heat has definitely affected my life (and my tatting).

  8. Fox your tatting is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you create next. I love the colors you choose.

  9. Hi, Elena,
    I have just added your name to The Thread Exchange. Let me know if you get the invite. Good to see you here!
    Fox : )

  10. Great post, enjoy reading about your tatting journey and seeing you progress.