Friday, July 23, 2010

Promise Produces Pulchritudinous Progress


#9 Motif Challenge

Two more motifs to add.  This pattern had me confounded for quite a while with the dyslexia thing.... The pattern itself is rather simple. So frustrated that one night I almost wept and had to work on something different.  Such a bummer.  However, I worked through it and should be able to do the last two squares in fairly good time.

My New Winding Method For CTM
Works like a charm!

I have these tiny pretty-smelling soaps in the bathroom.  They have been there a long time and yet, all of a sudden I viewed them with a different eye... a squinting, discerning, designing tatting eye!  Do you see it?  It's everywhere I look now.  All fodder for the tatting table....

Ice Princess, from Germany, sent these fabulous threads from The Thread Exchange!  Aren't they great?  This is a thread I have never heard of - Perlovka. Gotta love T.T.E.  Even The Cat got excited...



  1. Very interesting method for CTM! I love the way the squares come together.

  2. LOL..... I love the cat paw on your threads photo.

  3. OMG what a great motif!! And the color is to die for!!! I miss you already!
    BTW, on my trip to SC nice woman asked me what was i doing (with your purple shuttle), I showed her, she loved it and it reminded me of you right away! I decided to give her one of my yellow clover shuttles and told her your story of a total stranger. I just had a feeling that I need to pass it on so she took it and promise to learn. Maybe we will see her online soon too :)))) Thank you for inspiration :)

  4. Love the squares and the colour that you chose. Love your idea of the CTM!

  5. That title ...
    Promise Produces Pulchritudinous Progress ....from a dyslexic is CLASS!!! You are a gas.

  6. agasunset - loved your story about the yellow, Clover shuttle! Makes me happy that someone has actually passed along not only the tool, but the tatting story! Great!

    tatskool - Awful alliteration always attracts this appallingly long-winded dyslexic!

    Thanks for noticing!


  7. Sorry for the frustation, but it sure turned out Beautiful!

  8. Hey Fox!
    THAT motif in THOSE colors is going to look AWESOME en masse!

    Glad you got a picture of the soap so you can wash your hands without obliterating that pretty pattern. :)

    I have also noticed the world is FULL of motifs! There is a quilting book at our library that I STALK because I think it would translate well to tatting.

    I used to think Sherry's assertion in her blog title that tatting was an obsession was a bit strong - now I am in agreement...

    :) Ann