Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York Secret Is Out!

My daughter asked why I did not tell you.  Tatskool, who has known all along, asked why I did not tell you.  I am a very private soul, but I suppose I am ready to give it up...  Ready?

You know all about Mini-Boss, Right?  Her name was a BIG secret, known only to her parents, till she was born.

Remember, I went to NYC with my New Lep Treasure -  Maebh -  to meet Mini-Boss?  Well...

Imagine my surprise when they told me the baby's name!

More New York news:  Agasunset:

We met, as planned, and spent a terrific, tatting afternoon at a very cool West Village locale, where we swapped gifts, news and tatting tips.  It was such a lot of fun.

 Agasunset taught me to needle tat! 

(This is Westie hair! Pets! What're you going to do!)

 I am pretty pleased that I could do this.  Agasunset was kind enough to give me a lesson, a tatting needle and some #10 thread to practice with. She also gave me one of her pieces of jewellery, and I was able to copy it:



I am grateful for the lesson and am happy to know how to needle tat, but, I must admit I will not be giving up my shuttles any time soon!  But, for me, it is good to know how to do everything connected to tatting;  Learning is always a big plus!  Thank you, Agasunset, for contributing to my tatting repertoire! 

Someone else (the oldest brother) is also learning something new.  Did you have a 'corker' when you were a kid? I gave one to him when Maeve was born, and he has made such good progress.  Next time, a shuttle!

This lad does like tatting.  He loves the snowflakes and he saw me tatting this. He informed me that now orange is his favourite colour!  (hint, hint!) I finished the motif on the plane, and will mail it to him tomorrow. 

The thread was one that I got from Is'Dihara through The Thread Exchange: Alton Başak #50. The pattern is from A New Approach to Tatting by Yusai Shokoin.

 Tatting with beads in an airport, I have discovered, takes some courage!

I managed to finish this motif with beads, and another covered ring:

#20 Motif Challenge

Funny thing is, I did not have any time to tat in NYC!  I cannot figure out how all this got done - except that I stay up later than ANYONE I know!  Late in the wee hours, there am I with a shuttle in hand.

More News:  

Just look at this!  I am so excited!  Never have I got this far with a cluny leaf flower!  Elisadusud - THANK YOU for the pattern!  I am thrilled with my progress; however, that split chain is a b****   to tat!

Getting to the end here...  When I got home I had a slew of mail that I had been expecting.  Thank you Jeff, Snowy and  Martha for the thread from The Thread Exchange!  This exchange  is a such a blast!

I love all the thread I received from these three people and, honestly, there is quite a lot of it there....  This is a terrific, easy way to invigorate one's stash and renew one's creativity!

Here is the mail:

Thread galore received from Heather!  You are mad, woman, but I love you for it!  Thank you, so much! That was most unexpected.  Beautiful threads in gorgeous colours.  Yummy!

There is a new book of Iris's for me, that I ordered before I went away.  Just what I needed.....  Oh well, it is a wonderful publication: Tatting together square motifs. I am going to enjoy this one.

Last but not least, there was a sweet, tatted critter that has come to stay with me, via Martha!  Thank you!  He is just adorable, and will bunk in with Maebh! ( who is being secretly admired, I might add, by Danny!)

My Own Little Tatted Fox!  
How Sweet Is This?
Thank You, Martha!

 Out of steam, now...time to tat.....

One More Very Important Thing

Happy Canada Day!


  1. Happy Canada Day! I'm glad you're back home and got all these gifts. I can tell you've been needle practicing, what a progress! I am so proud of you!
    It was a blast meeting you here in NYC, your snowflake is already on my flash drive :) Thank you. BTW Maebh is much more photogenic than me I must say, but I'm happy that she sat on my neck :))

  2. Poor Li'l MiniBoss is going to be dreaming of tatting from now until she can hold a shuttle! LOL. ;-) *sings* And the tat goes on... La de da de de... Lives on and on in the hearts of the crafty... La de da de de, La de da de da... The tat goes on... (Think: Beat Goes On... good song. LOL. Did I just compliment Cher? Maybe.. She's got great hair! LOL.).

    Ugh... I had more comments but Hubby has just called me away from the computer, so... blah... Sorry for the lame comment... *blushes*

    -Stephanie Grace

  3. Love all your tatting and all the beautiful colors! Hope you had a great trip! :)

  4. Good work needle tatting!! Practice makes perfect. Looks like you had a great trip. Enjoy all of the goodies. I'm anxious to see what you tat out of the new book.

  5. Wow, what a lot of great stuff! How cool is that there is now a Maebh and a Maeve in the family?!

    Your clunies are really looking great, too. After all those covered rings, you should be a pro at split chains by now. Maybe I'll dig out the 2,173 plastic rings around here and do some myself.

    Love the little fox, too! *whispers*I test tatted that one.

  6. Happy Canada Day, Fox! Your work is beautiful and your clunies are fantastic. I'm still struggling trying to figure them out and I will not give up. Maybe my fingers are just too tired to cluny...

  7. WOW!!!! Sounds like you had a great time in NYC. It is always great to get mail with goodies in it and not bills!! Have a great day.

  8. Love the name Maeve, you have also been very busy. I agree your clunies are great.
    And the fox - oh just right for you!!

  9. Maebh and Maeve was my second lep/baby name coincidence.....there must be something magical in there make up! They are both destined to be GREAT!

    Oh! dream on Danny!

    So much in that post that I am almost speechless! Love the clunies, love the fox.