Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mayhem Murder Motif

They all start with  'M'.  So does marvellous.  You will note that I have not included that descriptor in this posting.  Anywhere.

I could have said malingering or malady or madness - all appropriate.

I tried. I really tried. This is what I got:

2nd photo added later...Can you see the pattern better?

#12  Motif Challenge

Also, I broke my promise to be slow and deliberate and not rush through - remember, quality trumps quantity? Not in this piece!  I just wanted to get the sucker finished and off my plate!

I also broke my word and used the bloody beads!  I couldn't help myself.

Therefore, another promise:  I am going to attend my first BA meeting this evening. Under cover of darkness.   I understand I will  have a Beader's Anonymous Buddy to help me through the rough spots.  It might be too late though...

Taught The Doc (not mine - a customer!) to tat yesterday!  Yes, she came into the shop - all 6 foot. willowy blond, c-cup beautiful, long eye-lashed -  bright, baby blues and all !  She insisted I describe her to a 'T'.  There, I did.

We were chatting away about knitting, this Family Practitioner who wears Army boots (really) and I, and of course I had to mention the picot thing.  She lit up and told me about her Grandmother who had tatted and that she had actually looked at a tatting booklet some time ago, but never really tried it.  

Opportunity knocked loudly  and I loaded up a shuttle, sat her down and didn't she say right off - "Oh, like a surgeon's knot!"

The Doc is a quick study.  Mastered the flip in under three minutes.  She now holds the record for the fastest learner  I have yet encountered. 

I sent her away with a little orange shuttle like the one the lovely lady gave to me two years ago when this whole party began. I have high hopes for it. 

Mission accomplished!



  1. Bravo for teaching your Doc to tat - and earning yourself a new record flip time too!

    What pattern is your latest challenge motif? My poor, sleep-deprived eyes are having a hard time with the image on my monitor. Maybe I will have better luck after a nap.

    No matter, keep tatting! You're doing great!

  2. Is'DIhara, the pattern, by Yusai Shokoin, is in 'A New Approach to Tatting.'

    It was lovely to tat the first square, but adding the others was just aweful! The advice - see previous post) was to srart in a different place than the pattern suggests fot the 2nd, 3rd and 4th square, so there would be no joins inside the whole thing, but I could not figure out how to do that with this pattern.
    Fox : )

  3. Fox, I think your motif is just beautiful and my 20yr. old daughter just commented "it's crazy cool!". So you have 2 who love it!!!
    And congrats on teaching another! :)

  4. I'm sorry, Fox, that our advice was not very clear. You are starting the square in the same place every time. Just wait to start joining to the next square until you can do it with a solid side. For example, tat square 1. Start square 2 (you are in the middle of a side), but don't try to join to the first motif yet. Wait until you round the corner so you can join with this solid side. That way you'll finish side one of this 2nd square without the first square being in your way. Does that sound a little clearer?

  5. Wow. How fun to teach such a fast learner.

  6. Your beautiful tatting and the design are completely lost in that b..... a.... thread! sorrrryyyy.
    Your accomplished mission with the Doc is brill. Great description, I can see her.

  7. Tatskool,
    I know! Believe me, I know. Wrong thread for this project, but it was started beore I saw the error of my compulsive ways!

    ♥Fox : )

    Ah, Eliz, Ifo you are a follower of tat-ology, you probably know about my dyslexia adventures and the ruination of many a pattern because of this particular challenge...
    I finally get what you all were saying about starting somewhere else. Took about 12 hours to "settle " in my head, but I do see it now - loud and clear! Thanks!
    Fox : ))

  8. "Yusai Shokoin", that's it. I was wondering if I had done this motif before and it clicked when I read the name.

    I made a mistake when making the second round of the motif and decided to change it altogether into a pincushion. You can see it here. It is the red tatting piece somewhere in the middle of the post.

  9. I like the picture on the dark, you can see the pattern much better.

    And look at you, already teaching someone else how to tat!!! Congratulations!!! Doesn't it make you feel great? Accomplished? You should be very proud of yourself, I know I am :)))

  10. Jon - Love that red pincushion because you can see the design so well. I liked this pattern in a single colour.

    I had started it in blue with beads, but got all confused and ruined the piece at the third motif. I do like the little blue one on its own:
    Fox : )

  11. I really like the blue and the other color would look good stitched to a chocolaty fabric…make the colors stand out ~ ya think? I mean, that is what I see…an insertion in chocolate. yum…or mayhap I'm just craving chocolate looking at my wall.

    You did a MUCH improved job with the chains on this one..way to go. I'm still fighting with sheep; decided to pin it out and block as much as I've done. I"m back to the trellis (again) or up to the trellis (again). I have come to realize that I loathe doilys…

    At least you do not give up! Go Fox!

    love, Bj

  12. Hey Fox!
    At first glance I thought that this was a case of good tatting thrown after bad thread. Actually not even bad thread, just bad for this motif. You are one "never say die" girl to keep tatting until it's completed even when you aren't digging the combination! And that's a GOOD thing because it turns out that it actually is pretty cool! I like the feeling of texture I get when I look at it. It really has grown on me!

    And AWESOME job teaching the Doc to tat! I think it would be so much fun to teach someone who is interested. I hope I get the chance someday!

    :) Ann

    Hey! I found a hidden tat in my word verification - bactat. Won't Isdihara be jealous! :)))