Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad for Metallic

#10 Motif Challenge

This is Nami's's pattern, that I saw on Gina's site - so pretty I had to tat it.  I used Altin Basak Metallic, (thanks Suneeti!) together with #80 pink Majestic around the border - a bit tough to tat with, but much more effective in the work than the photo displays.

The Cébélia thread I have had for two years and never put those two colours together. Umintsuru mentioned them in T.T.E. and it occurred to me that they would be great together in a motif!  Thanks Umi!

The pretty, pewter/gray beads?  Hmmm.... well. I spotted them the other day in Kensington Market.  They were in a funny, little store that sells odds and ends.  There are lots of beads in there - just to look at...  Okay, so I cannot turn away from a 99¢ bead-bargain!   Actually, they were the inspiration for the entire motif!

Why I had nine  - yes, NINE, starts to this is a great example of my spatial problem.  I could not see how to attach the chain on the second round.  Simple, right?  NO!

Intellectually I know how it works, but the brain will not translate that to the fingers and after many hours of wasted effort, I was almost weeping with  frustration.

One would think after decades and decades of this I would handle it better - but I never tatted, so it was never an issue.  Knitting or crocheting did not present the problem. Very occasionally, as a graphic designer, I ran into it headlong, but nothing like this!  Thank goodness!

Here I was, at Tom Horton's the other day, escaping my hot apartment.  I got the bulk of the motif tatted there. Thank goodness for air-conditioned coffee shops!

Finally, this morning there is cool air in The Big Smoke. Relief at last!



  1. I`m glad for the cooler temps today to. I had to do some housework early as my sons girlfriend is spending the day with us. Maybe I have time to tat and enjoy this change in weather! Have a great day!!!

  2. Very nice. Thank God for Tim Hortons.

  3. It looks great, Fox! I'm glad TO has finally cooled down a little. I think the beads really enhance the pattern.

  4. It turned out great in spite of your problem with it. If it were me, I'd blame it on the heat since you clearly were able to manage better in AC.

  5. Fox, you are a study in color!

    Those colors are BEAUTIFUL together - it's a subdued pallet but SO effective and dramatic. And you always have just the right beads...

    It's a lovely pattern and you did a great job, despite the frustrating bits.

    :) Ann

  6. Wow Nami has a wonderful blog, thanks for the pointer. i haven't see that motif there yet, it's lovely, you did a great job. What was the problem with the join, was it trying not to show colour spots or something else?

    Whatever it was you solved it well.
    the colour combo is lovely too. you are inspirational.

  7. Just love the motif and the colours really go well together.

  8. nami, You are welcome! This is a lovely pattern to tat. You did a great design job. Thank YOU!
    Fox : )