Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hearts, Flowers and an A Big Thank You to Sharon

 Go have a look at the pretty tatting on Kathy's blog,  Look for the February 14th post in the middle of the page.  I have been looking forward to tatting this, and it is a free Lyn Morton pattern, also linked to Kathy's site.

The pattern is supposed to look like this (half done):

But, when I started tatting it, I did not like certain aspects of the design
and so have changed it to :

The difference:

Thread is Bre-Aly Threads #30 by Snappish

 Then I realized why I like the pattern and where I had first seen it.   
Suneeti gave me this months ago:

Her tatting is immaculate, and if it is the same design, she has changed it also.  So, I looked at what she has done and fiddled with Lyn's pattern. 

This is a new step for me - venturing into the realm of design.  I am beginning to get inklings about what try pleases me and what I actually dislike about certain facets of shapes and designs.  These things I have recognized for a while now, but I am only now comfortable following my hunches and am slowly
becoming okay with my skill set to experiment  - a very little bit.  Whoo hoo for Fox!

Interesting that this motif is #25 of  (I think it is my fourth) Motif Challenge!

Sign me up again Sharon!  The Challenge is a constant catalyst for me and so many others.  Thank you, Sharon for all the dedicated work you do to keep us all tatting and participating!



  1. Yup Whoo Hoo for Fox, cruising along nicely!
    Pretty is too short!

  2. This is a lovely heart tatting. I love the colors of blues and purple together. Happy tatting...

  3. Looks good. I want to try this one someday. I also second the thanks for Sharon.

  4. Well said and especially well tatted, Fox!

    Lynn Morton's heart motif and Lene Bjorn's pattern [from Danish Tatting Guild
    (Dansk Orkisforening) newsletter Orkis Bladet] are really quite similar.

    It is possible that you prefer one over the other in style. ツ

  5. Replies
    1. Tatting Patterns by Lynn Morton. You can get it from the library.

  6. I went on the 25 motif challenge and found tatology the fourth one down clicked on it but this pattern wasn't there.