Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cafe Cluny

 Strange But True!

I did not realize till now that the restaurant that the restaurant in the last post was called Cafe CLUNY!  How odd is that, Tat-land!  Talk about synchronicity!
Look again!

I am ferociously working on my Clunies.... 
This is what happened before the fatal flaw occurred; I had to cut:

Next up:
the same Elisadudud pattern in Yarnplayer's 'Celery' HDT, #40.  
The thread is an inspiration and a joy to tat with.

The orange motif unravelled !  How did this happen?

This was the motif that the Maeve's Older Brother wanted.  In orange - which I am not keen about.  So, I tatted one in his favourite colour, and added orange beads.  This keeps us both happy!

 #21 Motif Challenge

Having read all about how to avoid those annoying little bits of colour showing at the joins, I tried various maneuvers and somehow, there are no bits!  I am not sure what I ended up doing, but I am not arguing....



  1. My favorite color is blue, but the celery string is a green that seems to capture my attention-I love it!
    And when I saw the orange and yellow motif last time I really liked it too!
    And the new motif to replace the orange is awesome too! :)
    I played around trying a cluny today-not so good, but not too bad for a first try I think. :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Each and every time you show pics of your adventures in clunies, I am so impressed! (Please note, I am still not brave enough to attempt them myself.)

    Your tatting is so delicate and lovely. Thanks for keeping us so well inspired!

  3. Merci de ton commentaire sur mon blog. Je vois que tu travailles dur et que tu as presque fait le motif complet de la rosace. Bravo et tous mes encouragements pour le terminer. Ton fil vert est très beau. Bises de France.

  4. Fox, Great work to Conquer the Cluny! Your hard work is paying off.