Tuesday, June 22, 2010


 #12 Motif Challenge

I cannot stop tatting these.  This one was done, for the most part, during at my lunch hour. This is the last one for now, but I must warn you, they are truly addictive!

Because I am going to NYC in a week, I have already begun to pack.  Not clothes, you understand.  They can wait till ten minutes before the taxi arrives  Patterns, books, supplies.  Oh, the list is endless, and the decisions gut-wrenching.

Will it be a blue and violet visit, or a green and yellow striped sort of sojourn?.

Good news about this trip; besides being with my wonderful family in my home-away-from-home,  I might also get to meet up with my friend, Agasunset!  Would that not be great fun!

Going to check out The Thread Exchange, while the hour is not too late.  I can't believe I have already sent out four sample packages!  : ))

P.S.  I just had a good look at this and realized I should have done a split ring where the long row of beads are attached.  When I did it, I could not figure out how to get the ends of the beads close together.  Am I right in thinking that  had I done the split ring,  it would have been easier to get that last ring tight, with no bare thread?  

I hate posting what I  know is not up to standard, but honestly, I have learned a lot by gulping hard and posting - with my eyes shut!  This is a good example, because hopefully, someone out there in Tat-land will tell me what I have done wrong., and then the NEXT one (oh no!) will be better.



  1. Well I think your dangles are absolutely lovely, just wondering how they would go as a phone dangle?

  2. I take it that's a chain with a really long beaded picot, then? I also have trouble getting the stitches close together after a long beaded picot. A split ring might have gotten a better result, but hey, live and learn.

    I have a hard time posting my imperfections, too, and I often don't. But sometimes I do because I want to share my learning process, or hope that someone else will learn something from it too. I think perfectionism is common among tatters, and it's good for us to try to overcome it occasionally.

  3. All I've got to say is that you are improving in fantastic speed. Everytime I think you could not possibly be more perfect you prove me wrong over and over. I am so proud to know you and can't wait for our chit-tat over coffee. I am only afraid that one coffee won't be enough lol.