Friday, June 4, 2010

Stock in 'Band Aid'? I Wish!

 I've done it again.
I don't seen to learn very quickly.  This one really smarts! I twisted the hook out of my finger while I was still in shock and it did not hurt - just bled like crazy.  That painless window lasted about forty-five seconds.  It is still mildly throbbing some hours later!

However, I have a nice supply of first-aid stuff and bandages galore.  Who would believe the injuries we tatters of the Klutzy Brigade suffer!  

Lucky I am not a surgeon! You should see glass- inflicted scars on my hands incurred during my stint as a stained glass artist.  Not an auspicious choice of profession for the those inclined to episodes of ineptitude...

I'll stick with tatting.


  1. Ouch! I've done that a few times too. Luckily, I've got enough of a callus on that finger that it usually isn't too bad, but sometimes I manage to go deep. Puncture wounds are painful.

  2. Oh dear, oh dear, poor finger. Perhaps shares in a pharmaceutical company would be a good idea - least you'd know that each time you had a mishap the share prices would escalate!!!!!

  3. Oh man Fox! My bandaid is just a support for my nail since I flipped it and it has been driving me crazy while tatting, but at least it isn't for a wound. Prayers for a safer day! And I love the motif on the top of your blog!!! It reminds me of British Royalty like the queens or such on tv. It's so elegant! :)

  4. Oh no! Poor Fox!!! Someone needs to invest in a thimble! LOL. (I tried one on just to see and it doesn't seem like it would help; too loose on me and doesn't seem to cover where I'm always sticking myself with the tatting needle... I really do need to master shuttle tatting. LOL).

    Hope your boo-boo starts feelin' better soon!!! :-(

    -Stephanie Grace

  5. You poor, poor, dear! Just looking at that photo (even though it is not the least bit gory) makes both my index fingers throb in sympathy.

    Heh, heh, "episodes of ineptitude" is a great name for an album cover. And your photo would look great as an album cover too. For that matter FOX is a stellar rock-star moniker.

    Tat (rock) on!

  6. OUCH OUCH OUCH!! May the pain leave real soon and finger heal. I've wanted some of the talent you have, but not this time!! Karen

  7. Fox -- you are so cute. I too seem to have trouble at times...are we rushed, or what exactly is the problem?
    Yesterday I was adding pearls to a completed tatting project using a beading needle and sewed lightly through my left index finger...just pierced the finest layer of skin there, but the next thing I knew...yes, the entire project was dangling from the tip of my finger.
    Very dainty, really. Perhaps I was just trying to accessorize...I hope your boo-boo is better quickly. You have things to do!!

  8. oh!!! Poor you !!!

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  9. OUCH, hope Maebh was ready with the band aid! I see her influence everywhere!

  10. I admire your decision to 'stick' with tatting, since it obviously is 'sticking' to you! (LOL - sorry - for both the injury and the pun!)

    My recent mishaps have nothing to do with tatting, but my toes are suffering from having things fall on them, or bashing them into something! Serves me right for walking around barefoot in the house!

    I love your new 'cluny' photo. I'm afraid clunies are not my area of expertise! You are fearless in taking on all tatting challenges - and your blog is always entertaining!

  11. I think it is time to invest into the little plastic pads that I use on my most apt to be punctured finger. Of course, this is the one that I nearly cut all the way off when separating frozen steaks back in the 60's. I was in a hurry; doing a home perm on daughter, Lori. Looked like an Alfred Hitchcock movie scene all over the kitchen window curtains…It took 15 stitches. I have NO FEELING in that finger, so whenever I dangle a crochet hook from it; I don't feel a thing. But I understand about the throbbing from the experience with my big knife! It seriously HURTS all night long…throb, throb, throb.
    Yep, I see those little plastic pads in your future. (have you SAT on your crochet hook as yet ~ I have and it is terribly embarrassing to me; but, for some reason DH thought it was hilarious. After it was carefully extricated. take care ~ You can join my club, "Klutz United"
    hugs and kisses on your boo boo….

  12. Thank you all for the commiserating! It healed very rapidly. Thank goodness!

    B.J. So happy to hear I have I have earned my admission to the K.U. Club!
    ♥ Fox of K.U. - just like 'Kung Fu' without the glory, the cute costumes or the movie rights... : )