Monday, June 7, 2010

A Bracelet is Born

 Totusmel wrote today about how she is more creative when folks are buying her creations.  She feels justified in buying her supplies if she has orders coming in.  She needs a reason to create - no 'art for art's sake' gal is she!

That got me thinking.  I have a lot of tatting in a box.  It is all beloved by me.  But most of it will never emerge from the box.

Remember this?  (May 2nd post)  It was in the box.

Well, sometimes the unexpected arises.  A friend of mine has a granddaughter (about 12-years-old) who has seen my tatting - her grandmother has a cross, a heart and the band-aid heart I sent her - and apparently she is very intrigued with tatting.  So, knowing that purple is this young girl's favourite colour, I remembered this piece ( Mary Konior's Sweethearts ) that I tatted in April.  Sitting now in the box. Not even gathering dust.

When I connected my friend's granddaughter and the purple tatted motif, though I am adverse to making jewellery, my mind screamed, "BRACELET"!

Because I do not trust myself in a bead store, I was loathe to go looking for new findings.  The clasps I had on hand are not perfect, but I devised a closure that is not too difficult to use.  This is what I did:

What do you think?  I was delighted!

Anyway, thinking about Totusmel and the purple bracelet and tatting and what I am up to next, I became perplexed. I know I have to develop my skills and indeed am doing my cluny homework for elisadusud:

Woe is me.
These are tough to tat ! Because I love the look of them, I am persevering, in spite of the several split chains that are my LEAST favourite thing to tat!  

More and more, I am questioning the why of it all.  I would love to have a goal for all this work because I am hardwired to goals!  In this respect,  I suppose I am much like Totusmel.

I find myself thinking about this a lot lately:  what to do with it all and where next to take the consuming  tatting addiction pursuit. Or, is the answer to the question, 'Why?' simply, 'Because.'?

 On a lighter note:

Completed and mailed with the bracelet this afternoon.
My plate is cleared.



  1. The bracelet is awesome, and perfect for a girl of that age. You would never know that that wasn't the intention all along.

    The clunies and split chains will come, just as the rings and chains did when you first started tatting. Remember?

    Why??? Because!!!!! The goal is to increase the amount of beauty in the world.

    The socks are adorable.

  2. I have no purpose for most of what I tat, no particular interest in tatting for sale, so my reason for tatting has become to create patterns for others to use. If I didn't have a goal in front of me I'd probably stop tatting altogether. It's odd to think that something that I do almost every waking hour of almost every day, would stop cold if I quit designing, but that's exactly what would happen.

  3. Sharon, That is exactly what I am talking about! I have to create a goal for myself - something that has meaning to me or... or... I don't want to think about it!

    I am going to leave it all to the subconscious for a while, as I suspect it is already mulling it over, and has been for a while.
    Philosopher Fox : )

  4. You are such a Creative Force, Fox. You are a wonderful tatter, and I am so happy that you are as prolific as you are!
    Your blog is eye candy for the very lucky ones of us who want to tat and learn all that we can. It is an exquisite art form. I am only a beginner; I am so lucky to have the opportunity to connect with an artist like you--!
    And I love those little socks!!

  5. Ah, so you've kidnapped brain cell 3!!! Great closure on the bracelet that he came up with!!!!
    As for why I tat? Gave up on that around 50 years ago shortly after starting!!! I think I do it just to keep myself busy. Certainly not to sell or I'd have sold patterns and pieces with 'vigour' over the years. I think I do it just because 'I can'!!!! I've got so much stuff made up that I just put in a suitcase. Some very big pieces which never see the light of day!!! I tat because I love the 'doing of it'!!!!!! That's my goal - finishing the next piece, I guess. Interesting question - thanks.

  6. That is a cute bracelet and the edging on the socks are lovely!!!

  7. I posted a wonderful moving philosophical response to you here and then forgot to wait for the $%@$# verification box! Gotta get ready for work now - maybe another time.

  8. Love the little socks and bracelet.

  9. I love the bracelet and the socks!!!
    My problem is I have too many goals and I don't think I am good enough to get them all done as soon as I would like them done :D
    But....I am still trying :D
    Have a great day! :)

  10. Gina - you are such a tease! There goeth many a fine worketh....
    Fox : ))

  11. Thanks, Everyone, for your thoughts. No doubt I shall revisit this topic as it plays out a lot in my meandering thoughts about this lovely creative form we call tatting...
    ♥ Fox :)

  12. for sure the 12-yr-old would love the bracelet. i do!

    ah, u r very courageous with working on the cluny. hopefully i'll pick it up again some time. :P

    lovely edging on socks.

  13. if you know a bit about needle tatting, split chains are dead easy!

  14. You know that I don't have the answer to your big question, but I can make a suggestion for the clunies. Their shape suggests to me that you are not maintaining the rigidity of the loom well enough as you weave. The first weaves should naturally fan outward, following the line of the warps. On the last few, a deliberate effort is made to pull them in a little, thus finishing the shape. It takes a firm warp and a light and even touch in the weave. You can use the pic to pack the weft down as you weave, but don't over do it. That's my story.

  15. Wow, Fox, you make me realize I should view my stash of tatted items with a new eye to uses. The bracelet is a fantastic idea. Many bookmarks could be converted to a bracelet. It would be a good way to reduce the stash and get them out into the world.

    Your question of "why?" is one that I had to ask myself at one point as well. I came to the conclusion that sometimes I tat for therapy. Creating something lovely helps me to relax during long waits that might otherwise increase my stress. (I even hate watching television if I can't tat during the show! It seems such a waste of time. LOL) And sometimes I tat because I MUST create. In those times I'm often striking out to try something different or design something new. Lastly, I tat because of the community of tatters. Tatting is very much a social event to me even though everyone I teach winds up living or moving MILES away. The sharing we do through the internet makes me feel part of a worldwide family.

  16. Suzanne, A pleasure to read your distinctive words!

    Yes, you are spot on. I know the loom is faulty; I am still trying to emulate Elisadusud's technique - seen on her video. it's coming along, but still far from the "Ah-ha," I am waiting for!

    Thanks for your input. Always appreciated!
    Fox : )

    Hi Eliz,
    As it has been for you, tatting has been a really effective therapy for me since I stumbled upon it.

    I cannot listen to the radio or watch the television - which I have removed from my apartment completely - without tatting!

    Though I am addicted to taking photos, I need to create something tactile as well. Something beautiful that I can create out of nothing. Nothing and a few beads!!!

    Fox : )


    It has been so interesting reading everyone's comments about all this! Thanks! ♥

  17. My only goal when tatting is relaxation. I work full-time, have a long commute, and I'm raising two young children. I've done one or two big projects, and one or two projects with a purpose, but to be honest, most of the tatting I do is small motifs. They may or may not be used. I enjoy figuring out the pattern, and I like the instant gratification and minimal frustration with smaller projects. Tatting is my "me time", and even when my project doesn't turn out as successfully as I'd like, I've achieved my underlying goal of relaxation. For me, aimless tatting isn't really a bad thing (sounds bad, though, doesn't it?). My answer to the question is simply, "Because I enjoy it."

    Love the socks!!!


  18. Fox! You are so creative - the bracelet is perfect! I like the closure you came up with. And I really love those little socks.

    Ah, the clunies - they are in the distant future for me - looks much too intimidating for now.

    As for your "why?" - I say "why not?"

  19. Boy, you did get a lot of interesting comments. I think that I am a very tactile and visual person. I love threads, colors, textures, shapes, etc. So tatting is very satisfying for me. I just love to make things and I think having a hobby is very important. I also like that tatting in many ways is bigger than me - it's been around far longer than me and will continue long after I'm gone. It has given SO MANY people happiness in the making and using (or not using). It is nice to feel like I am a part of that.

    Speaking of using tatting, that bracelet is SO CUTE! She's gonna LOVE it! And those little socks are as sweet as cotton candy!

    :) Ann

  20. They have all said everything that I feel. Can't watch TV without using my time to achieve something. Love to create something out of nothing more than a bit of thread.

    Don't feel the need to use anything that I tat,just making it and then looking at it is enough....and there is always another pattern shouting at me...what would I look like in those colours!!

  21. Beautiful work as always. I have a question about your baby socks. How do you attach the tatting so that it doesn't affect the elasticity of the sock? I tried something similar, but I'm afraid it will affect getting the sock on. Of maybe I need a looser edging. I guess that I'm a bit more conscious since my daughter has chubby feet--needs extra weight shoes and when born was wearing 6 month socks just for width.