Wednesday, April 7, 2010

With Apologies to Vinnie

You would think I would have got it right by now... but NOOOOO! 

Motif Challenge #21

However, isn't it pretty? Mistakes and all!  I left out a ring in a repeat and decided to carry on anyway, to see what would happen by keeping the mistake consistent. 

So, I learned how this shape occurs, because the motif was to be a circle.  Learning is good, right?  And I do love anything in Karey 's HDT!

This is all that I had left!  I did not cut that little thread.  Wow!  I've never been that close before.

The 12 month jacket for Mini Boss will accompany me to NYC next week.  Though I will not see it for another 8 months or so, I am glad it is done and ready for when this little yet-to-be-born grandbaby of mine needs it!

MC# 22

I was not sure how close to the snap to sew the edging, so I opted for farther away.  Next time, I would cover the snap, but I was loathe to do so, because the collar will probably be kept open anyway, and it was harder to close the snap, having to mess with the tatting to do so.  That is why it has a slightly unfinished look.



  1. Hey Fox!
    Your accidental variation on Vinnie's doily is really pretty! It's really neat that being consistent with the omission resulted in something which is still lovely.

    Mini-Boss's jacket is VERY cute! I think you did the tatting just right. If you had covered the snap, the tatting in that area may have worn out too quickly if the snap were used. The snap itself may be bulky enough underneath to cause tatting on top of it to pop out further. Ending the tatting at the placket was the right choice and does not look unfinished to me.

    :) Ann

  2. I really enjoyed Karey's HDT thread as well. I like the way she mixes the colors.

  3. I think the motif is beautiful and the jacket is so adorable. I don't think it has an unfinished look. Have a great day! :)

  4. Beautiful work! I really love the pink jacket. It's amazing what a little edging can really make something so special! I think the motif is very pretty too!

  5. Apologies????
    You are great, Mistakes or not!
    Beautiful colors and a new shape.
    Love this too.
    The jacket is soooo... pretty, I wish I could be wearing that!

  6. Your tatting is impeccable, even if you missed a ring along the way. (I found it, but I had to look hard and actually missed it until the second time through.)

    The tatted edging on the Mini Bosses 12-month jacket is stunning as well. I would not have covered the snap, but after reading your description, think it could be covered or not, as the you choose. Not covering the snap does NOT make it look unfinished to me.

  7. The motif is very pretty, and I'm not quite sure where the mistake is. I love the edging on the sweater. I would have attached the edging just as you have, leaving the snap exposed. My goodness, you've been busy!

  8. Oh, thanks so much , everyone! I feel much better about the edging. I can give it to my daughter mow with no unfinished business in my thoughts!

    Glad you liked the "boo-boo"!
    Fox : )

  9. Diane, Vinnie's Spring Doily #2 is supposed to be ROUND!

  10. A lovely piece of work, love the variegated colour!!!!

  11. The jacket looks beautiful. We await more creations for Boss and Mini-Boss.

    Best, Suneeti and Finnbarr

  12. Hey, Finnbarr,
    Thanks! It's all your mom's doing! When 'The Boss' sees this jacket she is going to be envious! I will have to follow this example and do some embellishments to her wardrobe!
    ♥ Fox : )

  13. What a good grandmother you are to be tatting for an unborn child!

  14. I love the pink jacket...I left the fastening uncovered on mine too, because I was at the end of my thread. :) didn't want to join just for one repeat. I have worn it, but the the weather turned colder so I had to put a jumper on over the top. The only problem, it tends to curl up at the back a little, another time I would make it a little longer perhaps.