Wednesday, April 21, 2010

She Has Arrived!

Mini-Boss arrived as scheduled, on Friday morning, all 6 pounds, 2 ounces of her!  She is beautiful - rosy cheeks, dark hair - lots of it, a dimple and the daintiest little face I have ever seen!  She is beautiful.  The boys are enamoured with their little sister and the parents are over the moon.

Keeping it all together in that household was you-know-who:

Yup.  Maebh had her hand in events since we left our apartment heading out to the airport... But, more about that later.

I just got home a few hours ago and before I came up to my apartment I collected the mail.  Baffled I looked at the stamp on a package that was in my box.  The stamp was beautiful, but I could not figure out who would be sending me something from... SINGAPORE!

 Just look at this lovely congratulations package that Aileen of  wickedtats sent to me!  I am touched and  amazed at her thoughtfulness.   (How on earth did she get my address?)

Thank you very much, Aileen!

Once again, the world of tatters shows us all its generous, caring heart.

I am sleep-deprived!  There is much more to come!
Stay tuned, kids!


  1. Welcome back, home and on the net:0 And congratulations again!!! More tatting for that little tiny boss to come I guess?

  2. Howdy Stranger and a HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS! She sounds super sweet! Maebh looks quite protective of Mini-Boss. Just seeing that bassinet reminds me how warm and cuddly newborns are.

    That was really nice of Aileen! LOTS of neat stuff, but what are those pastel sticks?

    Great having you back!
    :) Ann

    Oh, and somewhere across the sea, there's a block of wood with my name on it... or two.

  3. FIRST: Congratulations to Mommie, Mini-Boss and all involved. I bet you are walking on clouds. Being a grandma is the BEST.
    SECONDLY: Aileens boxes ARE amazing, aren't they? I love it when we get one another in exchanges ~ we both are 'tatters gone wild' LOL And I love the things tucked in that I have to have her tell me what they are!
    She sent me a Chinese New Year Box (a big box) and I oooed and awed for days. I really am just a big kid at heart.
    Thank you for getting Fergal on his way ~ the cousins are bedded down and NOW Donnacha is demanding a bed…it just never ends with those leps But that is a big part of their charm,
    Congratulations and hugs to you, too.
    xxx bev

  4. Congratulations!
    Looks like there'll be more tatting from you for the bosses.

  5. Congratulations on the safe arrival of mini boss, so glad that Maebh had such a huge part to play in it all!

    Aileen's pack looks so nice, ain't tatters wonderful, Oh that darned volcanic ash has managed to affect us all.

  6. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!!

    Looks like Maebh arrived just in time for the event.

  7. How wonderful another little person to tat for, what could be better, many congratulations and welcome back

  8. Congratulations on the arrival of darlin', wee Mini-Boss! She and Maebh are going to have grand adventures (when Mini-Boss gets a wee bit bigger...). For now, Maebh can whisper all her favorite tales and sing her sweet lullabies.

    Your package from Singapore is AMAZING! Are those pastel sticks, honey sticks, perhaps? They are an intriguing mystery!

  9. Olá Querida Amiga doce,

    *Adoro brincar como uma menina
    De cá um sorriso feito carinho
    Então vamos lá!
    Vem me visitar traga-me presentinho

    Um sorriso
    Uma flor
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    Quem agradece é....
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    *bejosssss Rosa

  10. Congatulations!!! I'm sure Mini Boss is going to keep you quite busy. I like that she has a dimple. :-)