Friday, April 9, 2010

Pop-A-Bobbin Shuttles Are Topnotch!

 In the mail to-day:

Are these not gorgeous pieces of art? 'I'm in the Garage,' is a wonder with wood.  He has refined the shuttles; the cedar is quite a bit smaller than the oak and also the elm one that I already have.  It is slimmer and sleeker.  He is really perfecting his design.  I love them both!

I had asked Sally for these woods as they are from old trees, and I am a huge sucker for old trees with old stories attached.  You can read all about this on her blog.  If you have not got a Pop-A-Bobbin, you are missing something very special!

I am lucky - I have a very fancy, decorated ball on the popper tool. Beautiful.

No one paid  me to write this!


  1. LOL I did the same thing! Ordered the old tree (Oak) and the Cedar; and, for the same reasons. I love the background attached.
    Also in my packet were an ebony and a purple heart. I, too, noticed the refinements…just lovely. I get mine with out a finish because I so love the feel of natural wood. hugs , bj

  2. Bev,
    We are a couple of old romantics! But, ain't it just fun! : ))
    ♥ Fox

  3. I'm a tree lover too and the hickory that fell on my house last year was a favorite. It's aged enough now that it should be able to be worked but I have to find someone to cut it into blocks first!

  4. Hiya. I am interested in these pop a bobbin shuttle too. But what I went WOW about when I just looked at your blog is the beautiful flower motif at the top of your blog. What thread is that??? It is beautiful!! I have got to have some of that thread!! I gotta ...I gotta...I gotta. Beautiful!!

  5. Hi, Sherry, The thread is from Karey Solomon at
    Her HDT is lovely.
    Fox : )

  6. The pop-a-bobbin shuttles sure are pretty... Did you have to wait very long for them?

    :) Ann

  7. Hi, Ann,
    No, not very long at all! Contemplating a small order from Britain. perhaps? Hmmmm.

    BTW, I cancelled the frames. Too much guilt! Shhh, tell no one!

    Oh, to live inside my head! LOL!
    ♥ Fox : )

  8. Thanks for the wonderful review, Fox. Glad they arrived safely and that you like them so much.

  9. Lucky you! Nice shuttles! Happy tatting.
    ~TattingChic ♥

  10. Beautiful shuttles!!! But I must say you sounded a little sappy about the trees!!! LOL Just kidding.

  11. So pleased you noticed the refinements in the shuttles. There is a new piece of equipment which has contributed to this and I also keep saying "can you do this and can you do that?" gently making him alter them slightly without offending!!! The cedar as you know is from the tree next to the church that Revd Awdry must have played around and the oak is from the old porch from another church and must have been there over 200 yrs. So a bit of history in your hands!

  12. Hi Sally,
    I was wondering where the old church is located? Just in case I ever visit!
    Fox : )

  13. Tatfully Yours,
    Sappy, you say? Well, when it comes to shuttles made of wood, I just can't leaf it alone!
    Don't worry! My bark is worse than my bite!
    ♥Fox : )