Monday, April 5, 2010

The Book is in The Mail

 I had nothing to do with it!  I was planning to shower, leave for work, and then mail the package at lunchtime.  When I was ready  to leave home, the package was GONE! I was quick to see ( I am NEW at this, after all) that the Leps were missing as well. Not a good sign, I deduced.

Not to worry.  They seem to have made out all right.  Feargal hailed a cab outside my apartment - apparently his  "TAXI" whistle caused a commotion with the crossing guard; he was nearly arrested for disorderly conduct, but Maebh sweet talked the officials on the scene...

They made it to the Post Office and Esmeralda was kind enough to give them a hand and make sure that Gina's package was properly stamped.

So, Gina, it it on its way to you!  Let us all know when it arrives!

 Again I almost forgot... those leps have interfered with my mental acuity!

This jacket  is a size 12 months, but my daughter says she has nothing for a little girl in that size - her other two are boys. Gifts and hand-me-down are all in tiny sizes.

So I thought I'd borrow a page from my friend Suneeti's book and decorate this jacket with a beaded trim and a motif!

Thanks, Suneeti, for a great idea! I just hope I can get if finished to take with me to New York NEXT WEEK!   Maybe Maebh can help....



  1. My GOODNESS Fox! Life with leprechauns makes four kids look like a walk through the park - you are SPRINTING through the park! At least their hearts are in the right place and they are being helpful... although the post office lady kind of has a funny look on her face like they are trying to wiggle free and be on their next adventure. Word of warning, friend of mine, keep that Dr. Strangelove hand under wraps while they are about. Maebh is probably used to BATHING in HDT so there is no telling what she might talk "the hand" into ordering while the other hand isn't watching!

    Even amid all the chaos you have managed to make another sweet something for the Mini Boss! That is a very pretty edging and will look darling on that tiny, pink jacket!

    :) Ann

  2. Ann, LOL! Esmeralda was not to pleased about the camera, and really balked when I said 'Internet"! But, in the end she came 'round and bravely put on her smiling. brave face!

    People are really amazing! The woman was not willing but she overcame her discomfort and played with me.
    Fox : )

  3. That was really sweet of her - she must be a good sport!
    :) Ann