Sunday, April 4, 2010

Angeline's Traveling Book Adventure

 OK, kids, here is the list:

Jane Eborall
Sally Kerson

Paula C
Dale Marie
Arty Lady
Chiclet - only if she promises to give it up!
Carol Lawecki

Crazy Mom 

If there is anyone there who should not be, let me know.  I have put Sally after Jane, because for mailing costs, this makes sense.  I do not know where everyone lives, so I am not putting your names in any order except the one that occurred when you responded to my post.  This is the order you did so.

IsDihara has kindly said that anyone who does not know where to send the book along to, can get in touch with her.

The book begins its travels tomorrow, when I shall mail it to Gina.  I figure that three weeks is about the fairest number for keeping it - just a bit longer than a library book.  If you need it for longer, let me know.

That about sums it up.  You can follow the list yourselves, which shall be inside the front cover of the book.  Keep it in there and send it along to the next person in line, after stroking your name off the list.


Enjoy the book!

***a little aside...  I swiped that bit of design on the banner from somewhere out there in Cyberspace and I do not remember where.  If anyone knows the artist, let me know as I do not want any copyright issues!  If I have upset anyone please contact me and I will replace the design immediately. 

~~ *** ~~

Now - someone asked about how we carry our tatting.  I do not leave my apartment without this:

The carrying of this simple pouch prevents loud outbursts of an undefined nature in public places as a result of living with a complicated,  ADD, dyslexic brain for a long, noisy time!

Oh yes, almost forgot - my 19th Motif Challenge:  One of Jon's snowflakes, Aladdin  from her snowflake book, in Lizbeth #20



  1. Can my name be added to the list as well please - I would LOVE to see that book so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  2. PS If it is okay - it would make sense to get Sally to send it to me and then for me to send it back to your side of the world.

  3. I am so excited! I didn't realize that you would be making a list. Thanks so much for doing this! I am really looking forward to participating in this pass along =)

    I am still trying to make a take-along project bag that doesn't have everything under the sun in it, lol. I like seeing what you take along! I hope other tatters will post their take-along project too!

  4. Trayna, I have made that change! : ) Fox

  5. Is it too late to put me on the list!!!!!

  6. TypsTatting, Of course not! Doing it now!
    Fox : )

  7. The traveling book is a great idea! If I didn't have a million-and-one other things going on right now, I'd join the fun. Instead, I will look forward to seeing participant's blog posts as they take their turn.

    Also looking forward to leprechaun adventures - they are a hoot!

  8. good news for me, Bev already has my mailing address!

  9. This is going to be an interesting trip. I was thinking about joining in but there are so many uncertainties for me right now, I don't want it to be stuck with me if it came at the wrong time. Will definitely follow the book's adventure wherever it landed.

  10. Jon, I have added you to MY list and when the list is finished and is to come back, I will email you and we'll see then?
    Fox : )

  11. I have to say, it's pretty thrilling to see myself on that list! It blows me away that you are doing this!!!

    Cute tatting tote you have! I like your foxy zipper pull!

    That is a BEAUTIFUL picture of Jon's snowflake! What kind of flower is that? Are they magnolia petals? You did a wonderful job on the snowflake and the color is lovely!

    :) Ann

  12. Hi, Ann! I am so glad you will get to read the book, as I know you will really enjoy it!

    Magnolia? I didn't think they grew in yellow! But, what do I know about magnolias!!! These are tulip petals that I just could not sweep into the garbage right away. The colour does not go with pink, but I wanted to use them in some fashion before they...went away. LOL!

    Tulip leaves are very velvety, like Beagle ears. I love them.
    ♥Fox : )

  13. Thank you SO much for thinking about the mailing costs too. That will be much appreciated by 'us over the pond'!!!!! Really looking forward to seeing the book.
    I have a roly poly tat bag that I never leave the house without too!!!!

  14. Hi Fox,
    Thanks so much for including me. I can come after Typstatting and Jon since we are nearby. I do mind if I am last.

  15. I just had to laugh at the travelling book you think that it should send postcards home on it's travels!!!
    A great idea, look forward to getting it.

  16. Fox - it just HAS to come to Melbourne, Australia!!! Can you add me if it is not too late please??

  17. Liyarra, I wondered if you would respond! Of course you did! It makes sense that you would come right after TypsTatting. Done!
    Fox : )

  18. Not me not me I'll break it! Honest, I can't help myself it's in my genetic make up.

  19. Wow that did my head in reading where your book is going! How very generous of you to share it with everyone. It will be such a well travelled book. I might even get to see it without Jane posting it to me if I'm in that part of England and of course will then mail it to Trayna

  20. I forgot to say... I like how you photographed the pink snowflake.

  21. Hi Fox, This is so exciting. A traveling tatting book. I have never heard of anyone doing this before. I think a little note or signature and date should be kept on a piece of notepaper to a log of who has had the book and where the book has been. Someone mentioned a postcard too. That would be a fabulous record too.

    Thank you for doing this!!

  22. Hi, Carol. I am hoping everyone will do a blog post about their experience with the book. Maybe one thing they have learned that they didn't before they read it. We'll just have to wait and see - I sure didn't want to put expectations or restrictions on the reading of it. Just wanted it to be out there, in front of tatters who would not have seen it otherwise!
    Thanks for the visit!
    Fox : )

  23. Thank you SO much for your adjustment to the list & for your remarkable generosity in sharing it with all of us.

  24. Do you want to participate? Please read this copy of email sent to Brooklynne Michelle:

    "Thanks for your interest in "Let's Tat. "

    Could you send me an email and I will put it in a file to look at when we get closer to the end of the list which has grown so long.

    It will be a while, but you are on the secondary list, when I receive the email.

    Please include your full name and a postal address. Thanks."

    Okay? I will file all emails and review them when we get there.
    Fox : )