Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brain of Tatter

What do you think?  Just like the cerebral muscle, is it not?  Sigh.  Oh Vinnie, I have worked all weekend on this pattern! It IS working - paper clip and all, but it has not been easy!  


 The sad part is that I got only this far using that wonderful 'Corsage' thread, and then it was GONE!  I tried so hard to make it last - SLT's galore, which made this dyslexia-challenging pattern murder for me to tat, and in the end, I ran out anyway!  There were about six false starts - no wonder I ran out.

Though the thread is gorgeous, there are many mistakes in it, which I have corrected in the teal one, which is not half as dramatic, even though it is tatted with much more finesse.

You can see the difference in the sizes of the two threads. There are four repeats in the teal and only three in the Corsage. 

The teal one is tatted with #50 Alton Basak, which is really soft and I have never used it much because everything I tatted was so loose and sloppy.

The good news is that this motif feels quite stiff, not floppy; I realize how much my tension has improved since I visited this thread in the past.  Yay!

Hopefully I can get this finished soon, as I am getting the hang of that crazy turn in the chain.  Then what?



  1. I do believe that whatever is happening in your tatting has transferred to mine. I'm doing a relatively simple little triangle medallion with 2 tiny pearls and a drop; I have begun and cut apart this 'easy' little piece FIVE (count em) 5 times. The last one was really funny because instead of placing the drop on the bottom chain, it's on the side chain! aghhhhh And that time all the rings were just perfect and close together - no gaps!
    Does this malady ever go away, I have to get this finished a mailed by Tuesday! wahhhhhhh
    no no, must put on my big girl panties and 'get er done'…..

  2. My God Fox,
    I don't know what to say!!!!
    I'm absolutely Foxed!
    I never thought that looked like a BRAIN, but now it does.
    I didn't mean to make a brainy pattern at all!
    That teal thread looks really pretty and soft,and I'm sure your Doily is going to turn out fine.

    I'll be at the OTC today to guest teach these doily patterns. Hope to see you there.

  3. It's a shame you ran out of the Corsage because it looks really good. I like the teal too though. I hope you get through the pattern because then I'll be able to at least give it a go.

  4. I agree, Corsage is more dramatic, but both colors are gorgeous! I'm afraid to put my tatting down for any length of time, because I know my tension will change. It's hard enough getting it right the first time! Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  5. Your work is very pretty! I love the colors and you are right--the pretty threads don't last long enough.

  6. Hi Fox! Too bad the Energizer Bunny doesn't make thread also, maybe then it would keep going, and going, and... you get the idea. The teal is pretty and well done, but you're right, the Corsage was more dramatic. I could finish it in Corsage for you via Photoshop! :)))

    :) Ann

  7. "Corsage" will be the next batch of my HDT.

  8. yarnplayer, Lucky thing! Everyone, including me, seems to love 'Corsage'!
    Fox : )