Friday, February 5, 2010

T'is a Bonnie...?

I am having way more luck with this piece than the TAT exercise, for I am STILL lumping along with it.  I just cannot get it right and it has been over a week!

Usually, once I have the stitches and the pattern in my head, I can proceed after one or two trial runs and get the thing done.  This one really has me stumped.  

There is not a problem with type of stitches or the pattern, or even the direction of the tatting.  This is a problem of technique, of my clumbsiness at the task at hand - literally! It is frustrating in the extereme!  

Plus, I  am not used to such a lot of failed attempts -  VERY humbling.

So, I take a lot of little breaks and work on the pink and white.  So far so good!  



  1. Hangeth thou in there Fox. You will master your challenge, you always do!
    The bonnet is darling….Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. It looks like a wee, sweet, bonnie bonnet, Fox! If indeed that is what it is - your question mark makes me question the validity of my assertion (been reading the dictionary, I have!). You are being QUITE cagey!

    Don't worry about the TAT - you have tenacity on your side. I have yet to see you give up on something. It doesn't seem to be in your nature. In fact, you seem to savor a challenge and what better tool for success is there than that? Go Fox Go!!!!!

    :) Ann

  3. Taking breaks with something more successful is a good thing. It'll all come together and then you'll wonder why it took you so long to figure it out!

  4. If TAT was easy everyone would be a master!
    I am finding Artisan hard so goodness know what master must be like!