Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bonnicide.... Is it Legal?

That, my friends, is what is going to happen to the Mini-Boss's bonnet if things do not get better soon!
So Far...

Incredibly boring and I think there is a mistake in the pattern.  The photo is very difficult to see. I am stymied, and I can't seem to give it up!  Ah, the unappeasable lure of the challenge. 

I do not want to disturb Krystle, who has tatted this and who currently is in the middle of a house moving adventure, but if you are reading this, Krystle ... HELP!

I think the 'beading row",  which says you need to end up with 40 rings is a mistake.  I have counted and counted the completed work  comparing it to the pattern, looking for errors and I cannot find any, but I do NOT get 40 rings!

Good News! 
**only TWO more TAT exercises left!**

I have plans for new socks for The Boss, using the thread the IsDihara   so generously 
shared with me ages ago.


I have challenging plans for that gorgeous sample of Tatskool's new thread, 'FLAME LANTANA'.

I'd better get tatting.


  1. I've seen the pattern, but never done it- so I'm no help. My experence is somewhere the editor of the patterns left a key part out. I feel your pain. What you have is gorgeous. And you need a design expert to help you out. All I can say is keep your chin up and good luck! Love your new thread colors.

  2. Wow, Fox, your tat card is filling up fast.

    (Do people even know what dance cards are anymore? The play on words is meaningless if they don't.)

    But it will be exciting to see the projects as they unfold. :-D

    While I can't speak for Krystle, she may be so sick of unpacking by now that she would WELCOME a tatting question.

    She may even know the answer without digging out her pattern. How? Because she is a SuperMom, who leaps tall buildings in a single bound, performs miracles by day and makes art by night.

  3. I hope that you are able to get your bonnet figured out! I really love the beads you are going to use for the socks for the boss! What a lovely mix! That Flame Lantana is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you make with it =)

  4. It's so beautiful, please don't trash it!
    I've never tatted this pattern, but from looking at your photo and reading the instructions for that row, it sounds like you just do rings and chains like you're already doing, around that outer edge. Whether or not it adds up to 40 doesn't seem to matter, although at this moment my brain can't work out if an odd or even number will have the ribbon ends come out right - but I think that the ribbon threading part can be "fudged". Anyway, I hope you get it figured out!

  5. Well Fox!!! I hope the Bonnet gets done!!! Love the Beads what will you use them for? And I am sure that you have something stunning planned for the Flame Lantana!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am riveted to my screen to see what you are going to I have that book too!

  7. Well, knowing you ~ you won't give up! And, I do remember what dance cards were! LOL
    Fortunate lady, having that new, beautiful!
    thread, Lantana. Of course, you will make something lovely with it ~
    XX Bev

  8. Fox I understand you, I've had a couple of times in this situation, whith a pattern without apparent errors. I've just left them aside for a while to calm my anger, others simply i've pot it.
    I hope you'll be well with your other projects.

  9. Well I am not familiar with Canadian laws, but Bonnicide is definitely illegal in the states and you'll do time for it!

    You have once again inspired me Fox, both with your fantastic tatting lineup AND your post title. Check out my latest post. Wanna coauthor a book with me? lol

    :) Ann

  10. Screw the pattern! Exercise your Creative Rights and modify as you see fit. Rebel!! Rebel!! Don't let the 'man'(or pattern) control you, be your own Tatter!

  11. Fox, you make me laugh: bonnicide! Too funny !!!
    I understand you so good : I have also difficulties making my "child's tatted bonnet".
    I hope that you can finish it and make a success! I'll come back ;-)
    ancolie from France