Sunday, January 3, 2010

What, No One Noticed?

I worked for hours - really, hours on the new look.  Changed my original, eight-month-old newbie, profile pic, updated the blog in all respects.  Such a lot of time - some would say - wasted!  Me, I love playing around with the computer when I have the time.  So, do you like it?  It matters not for I am pleased. : )

Now, I am going back to tat the rest of the gift motif!


  1. Au contraire ma soeur! I DID notice the changes you made yesterday, but was afraid to say anything until I was sure the dust had settled. Although you do not need my approbation, I like the new look VERY much and you KNOW I love the header!

    Actually, I also noticed yesterday that you had a little bootie... for your profile picture. :) Sorry, too much Monty Python in my formative years. I like this new profile picture as well.

    :) Ann

  2. Happy New Year Fox!!

    I sure did notice the the change. And I do say so myself, it is a lovely, lovely color motif. And is the pattern yours? I don't know if I've seen this motif before.

  3. Fox, it is great. But, I liked the other one too!!

  4. I LIKE it and (like you) I love fiddling around with my blog too. Reminds me - time for another play with mine - soooooon!!!
    LOVE the motif - really sparkles.

  5. Oh, definitely noticed!
    The tatting stands out really well on the white background...
    And what lovely threads and colors.....
    Happy New Year

  6. Not wasted at all! I usually read all new posts via my google reader so I don't always catch the blog changes. I looked and it is very nice =)

  7. Are you kidding? Your new "do" looks FAB!

    If I had not been hiding away from the computer (a girl can't ignore her chores forever, no matter how much she would like to) I would have surely seen the new look before you posted.

    So clean, so professional looking! It makes me want to redo mine. But sadly, the first oppty won't be until March or April. By then, you will have completed two more blog makeovers! LOL.

    It looks really great. *applause*

  8. Ann, You are sooo right about the dust... I read Monty Python and my fingers flew to the change button... I've got to get a life... LOL! Thanks : ))

    Hello, Carol, Thank you! The pattern is
    "Tatted Christmas Wreath" by Samantha Melnychuk.

    Thanks Sunela! I always like them for a while and then I get bored! : )

    Oh, thank you, Jane! I really like that word, 'sparkles"!

    Hi, Vinnie! Thanks for noticing and Happy 2010 to you and yours! ♥

    Paula, I appreciate your visit! Thanks! : )

    'FAB' sure works for me, Isdihara! Thank you for responding! : )

    Hi, Tudy! Happy New Year and thank you! : )

  9. The new look is wonderful! You always have such amazing pictures at the top of your blog!

  10. Lol you poor thing. I think it looks purdy.

  11. Thank you , Wanda! : )

    Glad you like it, Krystle! : )

  12. I really like your header, Fox! I'm sure I've told you before that I really like your fox shuttle and now I can tell you that your beaded motif is great too. I think beads and tatting go wonderfully together and you've displayed them perfectly.

  13. I always enjoy the new pics in your header. This one is just beautimous! The scattered beads adds a real professional touch. I like the clean look of the blog, too, & the booty is prescious.

  14. It's Lurvely! I thought you'd changed your header before a few times so I just thought the change was unchanging! LOL!

  15. Hi, Bonnie, Yes, I remember that! Thanks for your comments! Beads have become another ... hmmmm ...obsession with me! : )

    Thanks, Katie! I was hoping it would elicit 'clean'! That is the look I try to achieve. : )

    Chiclet, Well, you are right in away - I get so bored that I like to mix it up - a lot! LOL! Ah, I seem to suffer from a prolonged adolescence! : )

  16. I did indeed notice the new motif on your header.It's just lovely.
    I keep thinking about updating my blog, asked a friend if I should and she said NO please don't as she can't load all of the fancy ones and often just can't read the I decided to stay simple and crisp and just me!! ( have to admit that I don't know how to anyway!!).

  17. Your header is beautiful, and I really like the fresh, uncluttered look. Nice job!

  18. Marilee, Thank you so much! I was hoping it was clean..... also green. Green seems to have bitten me in a big way....check your Etsy orders! Fox : ) LOL!!

    Tatskool, Oh, I hope you can load my blog okay. I was aiming for simple. Seems most answers here indicate it is, but I wonder if it is slow at your end? Fox : )