Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Have Been Bad

I have been in touch with 
Tatskool and Yarnplayer.....  
   Marilee's Celery and Sugar Maple 
Tatskool's Rainbow Bright, ChocoLime and Vanilla Sky.
Ah, so beautiful!

Just what I needed!  Bad, bad  and more bad!  I think I am giving myself little goodies as I struggle with the last part of the TAT course.  I haven't even posted the book that came in the mail this week.  I will have to post that later or I will feel over the top bad!

The TAT piece I am working on now is large, and is taking quite a lot of time.  Also, I am trying to complete a pair of socks for The Boss, ( Yes, Carla, we do indeed follow their commands!) so she won't feel slighted because her little brother got his already!

What Do You Think?
In the last post, M and JB brought this up: Would you want people to point out errors in tatting on your blogs?  M said she doesn't  know if she should point out a flaw on someone's blog and JB asked M to point out any flaws that might appear on her work. What would you want?  I am ambivalent.

I don't know if I have ever seen comments pointing out flaws.  Have you?  I don't believe this is a common thing for tatters to do. Tat-land seems to be a mostly polite and supportive place, steering away from problematic or worrisome topics. Any thoughts?

One last thing; Sally asked what I was going to do with the motif I corrected.  'Frame it?' she asked. I have a box full of tatted items and those I like to look at go up on 'The Lamp', to which I have subjected you  in the past.  Here it is in its present splendorous array! 


P.S. THE LAMP:  For you who have not seen it before, is a simple, old, painted floor lamp with a white cloth shade that has sloping sides - very, inexpensive, both.

When I finish a motif that I like I place it on The Lamp.  Nothing is attached.  The motifs stay put on the cloth and remain until they are ousted from their position of glory, replaced by my newest, most beautiful achievement!  : )


  1. Wow, the lamp is stunning. I don't mind criticism but would find it difficult to criticise anybody else.

  2. Fox I'm so pleased you have got your latest motif on show, that is sort of framing it, lighting it up even! What a great way to display your tatting, looks fab. As for mistakes, hey we all make them and it would be a shame if blogging our tatting meant it became a rush to see who could point out any mistakes we made. There are certain people at church who love to point out my typos and it has now become a sort of competition and not a nice one. So we should accept tatting "as seen" and not rush to criticise.

  3. I love that lamp. I looked through Ikea to see if they had a plain white lamp so I could steal your idea but they didn't have anything suitable. Can I ask, how do you attach your motifs?

  4. You have been making such great progress on your TAT projects you deserve to be BAD! (I, on the other hand, have few accomplishments to reward myself for . . . )

    As far as comments on flaws - I guess I wouldn't mind if they were presented in an encouraging way. I can see my errors in all their glory all by myself - but as a beginner some helpful tips would be welcome. If no one says anything, it's hard to learn from mistakes. Most tatters I've encountered have been nothing but encouraging - yourself included.

    I love 'The Lamp'!

  5. Lovely work! So ingenious to use the lamp!

  6. LOL I had to laugh because of late I've posted TWO parts of TIAS that have errors. On the one, I omitted a picot; and on the next bit I connected to the wrong picots. No one, thankfully has said a word.
    I don't know how I'd react honestly. Depends on what kind of place I was in that day and how it was worded. Some days, when I'm not feeling well ~ I'm more sensitive.
    I would not correct someone's errors publicly; if they were a friend, I might say "What happened on that chain?" Perhaps they just didn't see it ~ didn't catch my error until I posted the scan and looked at it! LOL
    So to those who asked, I'd say "tread carefully" LOL And if you see the mistake on my blog that is presently up ~ don't do it the way mine looks where those 3 picots live!

    XXX Bev

  7. Personally, I would hesitate to offer critiques in a public forum to someone unknown. If I knew them well, then I would PM them outside of the public eye.

    If I ever do decide to blog, I would post clearly (at the top) a statement that any and all supportive critiques, even those pointing out my gross errors, would be welcome. It would be a favor to me and would help improve my work.

    Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see beyond the matter in hand ;}. I would welcome those fresh eyes on my work, just as I would welcome a T.A.T. evaluation, in order to improve my Tatting.

    I guess it depends on your individual tolerance for having your flaws pointed out by a stranger.

  8. As much as I wish I were more self-actualized, I am a very sensitive person and tend to over-analyze critiques.

    That said, I would like to know when I make mistakes so I can correct them and learn from them, but the reality is that before I can do that I always over-analyze and over-react.

    Enough of that! I, for one, think you have been very GOOD!

    Such pretty thread purchases could never truly be bad. And if you have been tatting diligently (as we know you have from your posted projects) you must be using up your thread.

    You know what they say. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    I say you've been Good.

    Now be a dear and show us something lovely made using the new Corsage, pretty please?

  9. Hey Fox!
    Being bad never looked so good! The colors of those threads are beautiful - you will have many satisfying hours of "me" tatting with them!

    I think the only way I could offer any criticism (and I would hope to present it positively) would be if someone who was struggling with something asked for help and I felt I could contribute, or if someone were looking for critiques because they planned to sell the item or enter it in the fair, for example.

    I like it that tatland is a warm and encouraging place. I'm rough enough on myself and I'm not sure how long I would keep posting if all my flaws were pointed out instead of the positive points of a piece of tatting.

    I think your lamp is pretty awesome!

    :) Ann

  10. Wow the lamp is amazingly beautiful!

  11. Your lamp idea is just 'brilliant'!
    I don't think tatters ever point out flaws, even when you ask them they can rarely see one's mistakes. TAT is a great way to learn how to see one's flaws!!

  12. Thank you all so much for your wonderful responses. I have dedicated the next post to addressing them.
    ♥ Fox : )

  13. I just found your blog! I am so inspired by your color choices. What happy, vibrant colors you use! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    Have a great day!