Monday, November 16, 2009

The PINK has Landed

Thank you, IsDihara!

Remember 'D' at Ambitatterous   offered to give away some of the vintage Star thread that she got on eBay?  Well, I said I would be happy to try some and ta-da!  Here it is, just in time for me to add an edging to the second hat I am crocheting for Mini-Boss.

I am going to try out one of the vintage shuttles that Mary gave me.  Vintage thread deserves an old shuttle!

The first cap, the coming home hat, is finished.  I put the heart on upside down;  it is just basted for now, as I am thinking I might prefer it this way. I kinda like it this way!

As far as beads and toddlers are concerned, for all you worriers out there - and I do appreciate the concern - there will be no toddlers near this hat for a newborn!

The brothers of this baby will not have access to the hat and the youngest will be two and a half! Also, their mom, my daughter,  is as eagle-eyed and protectively fierce as I was!

Update on the border: yes, the hook-pen is helping me speed right along on this hankie edging!  Pretty isn't it? I do mean the edging and the pen! 

Sherry has come up with a great idea here!  I love this little gadget. Check it out at LadyShuttleMaker's blog

Lastly, a new obsession (oh, NO!)

I LOVE Celtic Tatting

This little number  represents about five, yes, FIVE, or even more, hours of vicious hair-pulling, outrageous cussing, and adolescent foot stomping;  plus, I lost my temper.

Thanks to Ann, over at the Nifty Needle, who held my hand and talked me through the roughest bits, I was able to get through what is probably a not very difficult pattern and technique .  But it was Mount Everest to me!  Thanks Ann!

The great thing about persevering in this instance is that I find I absolutely love this type of tatting.  I like the way the chains curl and the way the process feels as I was tatting .  Ah, well, we shall see.... So much to do....


  1. I like the heart upside-down, too. In blues and greens, it would resemble a peacock's tail; in the pink, it's simply a pretty shape. It looks lovely on the hat.

    The Celtic piece turned out really well with that variegated thread. Do you have a plan for it yet?

  2. Wow Fox! I cannot BELIEVE how jam-packed with goodies this post is! I like that coral pink thread you got - neat pattern you have picked out, that will be a very pretty combination!

    Mini-Boss' hat is SO, SO, SOOO CUTE!!! It looks INCREDIBLY soft! I like the heart upside down, it reminds me of a feather in a fedora - very jaunty and fun!

    You are cookin' right along with the handkerchief edging. It looks great!

    And your Celtic snowflake is SO pretty! I'm with you, Celtic tatting is WAY COOL! And thanks Fox, but you give me too much credit. It was FUN figuring it out together!

    :) Ann

  3. Ooh! That pink thread is so pretty! I love the way the hat turned out. I love my hook pen too... so convenient to carry around without "hooking" everything in sight!

  4. That motif does look nice on the hat. The hook pen looks fun. It looks like your edging is coming a long nicely! Nice work. :)

  5. Your posts always make me smile! I love that vintage pink and your celtic tatting is tops!