Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Guilt Here!

If you mention my stash of books, I pretend I do not hear, but behold my HDT - every bit of it.

After using up some four or five skeins, this is what is left.  I have not ordered any in a while as I really want to work through this first. It looks manageable!

Right.  I forgot about the mail I am expecting from the dear Doctor.....  After all, she is just learning and I have to do my bit..... 

Hanky Update

I managed to find the perfect thread, and am just about to tat the second corner. It seems to be moving along very quickly,  unlike that first mint-coloured one that took MONTHS to finish!


  1. Fox, you sly girl, you have tempted me into purchasing thread cards after seeing yours posed coyly in your stash photo. How do you like them?

    Your stash is stunning! And bravo for finding the perfect thread shade to compliment your hanky endeavor.

  2. You haven't received it yet? Hmmph. I sent a package to south africa that same day and she just received hers. You are a bit closer than that I think lol! I'm not used to border issues for shipping, do you typically see a wait this long?

    shoot me an email and We'll figure it out. I am out of the thread you chose but I'll send something else if you think it's lost......

  3. The hanky edging is looking beautiful! Can't wait to see it on the hanky!

    Lovely threads, but I don't think you have nearly enough! LOL! (this coming from someone just starting her stash)

  4. So m,any lovely colours, most of which I recognise and either have or want! Go get tatting!

  5. Just look at that beautiful HDT! And such organization. Lucky you!

    I am really getting the bug for some of this beautiful stuff after everyone's stash-sharing, but maybe after the holidays.
    Must. Control. Expenditures.

  6. What a fabulous stash! Maybe you need more? I find I always need more of that stuff!

    You hanky edging is coming along beautifully! I look forward to seeing the finished piece!

  7. HDt I am a thread addict - where, oh, where did you get the yellow,blue,purple,red and so on strand in the picture? LOVE IT! Am so enjoying your blog!


  8. I have something for you at:

  9. Hi Fox!
    How are you holding up? I see you had no guilt but a VERY pretty stash of HDT on Thursday, but I read your comment on Diane's blog - have you been able to control THE HAND or has it wrenched itself free and gone on a spree? :)

    You are really making progress with the hanky - it's going to be beautiful! Nice job matching the thread!

    :) Ann

  10. D, I LOVE the thread cards! Problem was that there was so much choice at the Sajou site that it took forever to pick one style. I love the catalogue!
    Fox : )

    Thanks, Katie!

    Tatskool, Now you know why I have not ordered some of your newer, so beautiful threads! (Yet!) I am determined to use what I have and you can see I still have saved some o yours! (I have used the rest of it!)

    Cindy, I know EXACTLY what you mean! ; )

    Carla, Thank you so much!

    Chiclet, Of course I NEED more, but I am being disciplined! And it is so difficult! But, my tatting books have taken over my apartment and emptied my wallet!

    Krystle, I have sent an email. The mail across our mutual border can be VERY slow! Go figure!

    TJ, I think you mean Tatskool's thread, but there is wonderful HDT by LadyShuttleMaker and yarnplayer and also Karey Solomon in my stash! All fabbo!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    The Redhead Riter, Thank you so much for the award! This is my first one; I am honoured! Thanks for visiting tat-ology!

    Ann, The HAND is in restraints and heavily guarded.... The other i clenched around the TAT exercise and my jaw is killing me. The exercise I am working on is a BRUTE!

    I get some relief by working on the hankie. I love tatting Mary Konior patterns....
    Fox : )

    Thanks everyone! ♥ Fox : )