Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hankie for Mini-Boss

 Thanks, sewmuchfun!  I love the name - for now anyway, till she makes  her earthly arrival in April.
Well, although I agree with Diane, and would love to tat the border in the HDT, I tried it and it is just to heavy. There probably  would not have been enough of it to complete the edge in this pattern that i liked for the variegated pattern.

Also, I am on hiatus from PayPAl till I use up the thread that I have ,,,and I have a lot!  So, I have picked a #50 Cordonnet in Ecru, which matches the insert of the hankie quite well.

The pattern is simple:  Baby Lace by Mary Konior.

I say simple, because I think it probably is, but it took me the regular few hours to go through the left/right dilemma I grapple with!  I'm comfortable with the pattern now after couple of hours and a lot of false starts. I like the simplicity of this with the peach cloth.  Delicate.


  1. This will be SO pretty, Fox! The edging is simple, delicate and appropriately named for Mini-Boss.

    I am fascinated by the monograms on these handkerchiefs! They remind me of shadow work embroidery where you basically work a satin stitch on the underside of thin fabric so the color shows through. Are the monograms appliqued on? I think they are BEAUTIFUL!

    So are you left-handed? Does that mean you have to translate patterns in your head to be like a mirror image?

    I'm full of questions tonight, aren't I?
    :) Ann

  2. I think the ecru is a perfect choice for the hankie!! This is a very pretty little edging too!!

  3. That will look so pretty when it is done. It looks like a winning combination!

  4. You've made a fabulous choice of materials, so the end product will be a stunner!

    I also go through the left/right dilemma regularly so take heart. You do not go through that frustration alone.

    If you can tell us, I would also be quite interested in knowing more about the monogram applique.

  5. Hi Ann,
    Yes, these are appliques, sewn on. Nice;y done, as well, with even small stitches.
    The l/r thing is really dyslexia, discovered very late when I was a mature student, so I now have a few coping strategies, now that I know what it is. Spatial perception can be a nightmare!
    I WAS left-handed originally and forced to change. So I am ambidextrous to a point!

    Thanks Carol and Chiclet! I think it will be pretty! I am enjoying the simplicity of this pattern and the #50 thread as well!

    Isdihara, So you are one of the l/r-challenged as well! I'm sure there are quite a few of us out there in Tat-land!