Monday, November 16, 2009

Following the Rules...

 This time I followed the pattern carefully,
and this is what eventuated:

I like it much better than the one I messed up on;  some of you were very complimentary to suggest it was pretty and my own new design!  Much as I appreciated your kindness, I was NOT enamoured with the result! ( I notice I have not tossed the thing out, however!)

The new one may find a place on
Mini-Boss's going-home hat...

Here are the two of them for comparision:



  1. I think they're both very pretty! The new one looks great on the cap!!

  2. Well, of course, side-by-side; I can easily see the difference.
    Isn't it 'odd' that sometimes we can tat a piece and it just 'works' and at other times it is just 'wrong'. I have 'flashes of glorious' tatting, but more often, just mediocre slogs. I use to show my 'rejects' but I've decided not to do that any longer. LOL I'm currently doing battle with a book mark I chose, 'cause I though it'd work up FAST (hardy harr) I just set it aside and will send an SOS to the designer. I can't figure out which way the pattern is moving (clock wise? counter?) and when she wrote SS whether she meant the green or the 'other' color (mine is soft lavender, her's is pink)
    However, "Sheep" are leaping about!
    I like the second heart the best; but, still uneasy about beads and toddlers (as was another visitor).
    hugs, Bev

  3. Well, I know the first one is not a heart, but I still like it! I can see two of them, facing each other, making a lovely rectangle and then....a whole bunch of them, making up a mat!

    The second one is a lovely heart! You are so perservering!

  4. hey foxy, Let me know if your thread hasn't arrived by the end of this week. I usually see 7-10 days to your neck of the woods for shipping..... I'm surprised it's not there yet.

  5. Thanks, Katie, I like it too!

    Hi, Bev, No worries about the beads... read next post. BTW - I LOVE the wedding tatting you just completed. It is gorgeous! ♥

    Gina, A mat?!?#$ You must be mad! It took me 5 hours - FIVE - to complete that wee Celtic heart! A mat! HA! LOL!

    Marilee, Thank you!

    Krystle, Okay!