Monday, November 23, 2009

Dr. Threadmore Rocks!

This looks yummy! And it is even better in real life! Terrific colour, Krystle.  I am going to enjoy this! Eventually.

Too bad I am STUCK on the third exercise of T.A.T.  I had to trash the first attempt after I realized I had read the instructions wrongly,  giving them my own peculiar twist!  No wonder the thing looked - well - not to attractive!

I did take a break to play with an insert from Priscilla.....

That beautiful, variegated green HDT is Sherry's TreeBark,#20.
Back to the books!


  1. That is an adorable insert(?), I mean the piece you've made in the second photo.

  2. Dr.Vonthreadmore just passed out in her chair with a sigh of relief! She could not bear to think of a precious skein of her thread being lost in the mail.... however I am just glad that you got your order! That's just the Dr. I guess. she thinks of the pretty little skeins as her children. I find her petting them and humming lullabies if I don't keep them put away......

  3. The insert from Priscilla is lovely; problem is I CAN'T understand those old vintage patterns (well some of them are easier than others). I tried one from Hees book I have and it made me crazy (as DH says, "Short Trip." then he apologized. LOL) In Tucson, Loyal's getting rechecked.
    hugs, B.

  4. Hi Fox!
    Sorry you are STUCK - you will get it though, you've got grit and determination!

    Dr. Threadmore certainly made that thread a LUSH green! Hope you get to play with it before too long.

    I like your insert - it's a pretty pattern and the thread is well suited for it. Are you just playing or have you got a project in mind involving the linen pictured?

    :) Ann

  5. Such a pretty insert and displayed so sweetly!