Friday, November 6, 2009

A Buddy for The Boss!

 Thinking Pink has worked!
Grandbaby-To-Be, cousin to The Boss, will be able to wear wee tatted goodies. Number 5  is a SHE!

Appropriately, I finished The Featherline Snowflake, in pink, last night, done in Lizbeth #20.  Still not following the pattern as written, but it looks all right  - needs a good blocking!

The baby girl  will have a hankie as well.  My mom had another, like the green one, this one with an 'L' on it;  same style as the other one and very, very fine fabric.  'L' begins my mom's surname and also my daughter's  married name. Lucky again!

What should I tat the border with?  White, ecru or this Lady Shuttlemaker variegated?
I cannot make up my mind.
I welcome opinions!


  1. I would have to go with LadyShuttleMaker's HDT... I'm seriously addicted to HDT!

  2. The Featherline Snowflake turned out very pretty! Your new hanky will look good with either of those threads for the edging! If you go with Either Ecru or white I would pick which ever coordinates the best with the monogrammed stitching. It's kind of hard to tell if it's cream or white in the photo (on my monitor).

    Happy Tatting...whatever YOU decide to do!

  3. Diane - Thanks, I agree! I love the HDT. But, this one is #20 and is too heavy looking when tatted. So...sigh... I will have to go with ecru!

    Carla, Ecru it is! Thanks for your input!

    Chiclet, Yes, I checked the insert colour and knew that it would have to be ecru... Thanks!