Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trying To be Fancy - Big Mistake!

 Slow down, Fox!  Haste is detrimental to your tatting.

Why don't I heed my own words?  I thought I'd try to improve on the lamentable job I did with Lattice Heart by Birgit Phelps a few days ago by doing it again and adding, say, 45 beads, or so.  Not a good idea.

After hours of tatting one evening I managed to salvage only this:

So, another go, with no detours, beads or meanders, with one colour of Lizbeth #20, and this time I think I have done it with no mistakes - or at least none I can see at the moment...

I have discovered that I really do not want to follow directions and I try to psyche myself into being a renegade tatter at the slightest opportunity - behind my own back so to speak:  frontside, backside, wherever I can get away with it! The surprise is that I CAN understand and follow a pattern, but so often take the bend in the road, just for the hell of it.  Just like in real life.

Alas, there is no escaping from ones true nature, even quietly sitting in a chair, while performing the innocent act of tatting!
The hearts were done while trying to finish the pumpkin for The Boss (who LOVED the socks, BTW!):



  1. I must say, I think that is the PRETTIEST mistake I have ever seen! I LOVE that combination of beads and thread - and the clusters of beads look so decadent... Sorry it didn't have a happy ending...

    Your next try is ABSOLUTELY LOVELY in that pretty shade of brown! Your tatting is so clean and the shape is perfect!

    The Boss is quite a patroness of the arts - did she commission that cute pumpkin or is it a surprise?

    Tat on Renegade!
    :) Ann

  2. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves when trying to alter, enhance a pattern and think the result is not good enough. I'm all for "taking the bend in the road" so much fun seeing what's round it!!! As for adding beads the art is not to add too many and yet to make sure you add enough. Bit like life really - you can have too much of a good thing. Anyway I think you should consult the "Boss" next time!

  3. I agree with Ann... that's a very pretty mistake! At least you're brave enough to try something new!

  4. Haste, taking the bend in the road, behind your own back - LOL! All these things I soooo relate to, and I don't even know how to follow a pattern properly yet! I've psyched myself out before I even know what I'm doing.

    Your tatting is always so pretty and neat - even with whatever detours you take. I enjoy looking at your work and hope I can finish just one pattern correctly some day.

    The Boss has good taste :)

  5. I did something like that with beads 16 or 17 years ago. My tatting looked a mess with all the beads on it. I learned that sometimes less is more, LOL! It's always fun to experiment, though! I hope you don't regret your tatting adventures. They can be fun learning experiences. The bead color is beautiful. Have fun tatting up Mary's pumpkin!

  6. I think it's absolutely DARLING just the way it is! There is no wrong way to do art!!!

  7. Thanks, Ann! The Boss knows nothing about the pumpkin. I just went to Old Navy and got her a pink top to sew the pumpkin on. I'll post it soon. Really cute! Her Hallow e'en fashion tatting statement!

    I loved the beads TOO much! This was a top-heavy bottom for that heart.

    Sally, you said it! I always over-do, whatever it is I am up too. Then I get sick of it. Like artichokes. Haven't had one in about thirteen years, since I ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for about a month!

    Cindy, You certainly have a handle on what I was talking about! Just enjoy the detours!

    Chiclet, what is there to regret? It is all such wonderful fun! I love traipsing into the unknown! : )

    Hi Diane! I'm always up to try something new, especially when it comes from one of your books which I seem to be collecting! LOL!

    Hey, Auntie Char! Thanks for the visit! You are right - there are many roads leading to the same place all right! Art and inspiration come from so many unexpected quarters. : )