Sunday, October 4, 2009

Drama Dyslexic

 Wow -  I have had some problems with this pattern!  I know it's me, not the instructions.  After a slow starts,  I got the idea, and I like the shape a lot.

At the moment I am adding the green overlay, and am considering adding the finished piece to the corner of a white crocheted blanket (not yet completed) that I am making for grandbaby- on-the-way - #......FIVE!

What do you think?

Strawberry Heart  with a Celtic Style Top by Birgit Phelps      

It is going to be cute, if not a wee bit kitchy, I think. Nothing exactly wrong with a bit of kitch, here and there.....(Just look at that lovely little Aero, made in England, sitting proudly, holding the thread....sigh.......)



  1. It looks like it's comin' along (as my Mother used to say). Sometimes I have to put a pattern down and come back to it later in order for it to click. Have fun finishing it up and I look forward to the finished piece! ☺

  2. I think that would be so cute. Im glad to hear you got that pattern to work out. ^_^

  3. You've done a marvelous job with the strawberry pattern. So bright and cheery! Not too kitchy at all. What a great project to break in your "new to you" Aero.

  4. Yes, indeed, it is 'comin' along'! Nearly done. Once worked out, that pattern is really not so bad... Thanks for the supportive comments, Tusy, TattingChic, Imoshen, Isdihara and Tayskool! ♥fox