Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ciao Coasters - For Now!

Second set in its acrylic armour.

The Eight

This time I glued the tatting (simple LePage glue stick) to the foam side of the backing, very lightly.  It cannot be seen and I sure hope it holds.  If it does, I am tempted to do this number over again.  Call me a glutton for punishment....



  1. Just stunning. I am cyber patting you on the back. Gorgeous work.

  2. jealous with all that coasters.
    So pretty in their multi-colors ^_^

    I really want to have acrylic coasters, but can't find any of those in local store. I think, it's about time for me to buy things online.

  3. Glue -it's the crafter's friend!

    Both sets are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    :) Ann

  4. The coaster look so pretty in their different colours. If only the coasters don't cost too much for me, I would really like to make some myself.

  5. They look gorgoeus, definately a must buy/must do!