Friday, October 30, 2009


"Tat 25 motifs within the next year. A motif can be a medallion, snowflake, heart, bookmark, butterfly, earrings or any small piece of tatting. These articles may be tatted from published patterns and it's always nice to know where the pattern came from, or they may be designs that you have created. "

This is, of course, from the intro at  The 25 Motif Challenge

 I have been feeling that I SHOULD belong to this group.  Then I feel - get this - GUILTY!  Go figure.  I think it is part of that O/C thing I live with!

When  I re-read the above,  I realized that in the past year I have done way more than 25 motifs. I must stop taking myself so seriously and need to LIGHTEN UP! 

This I say before even opening the package from Tatters Across Time! (T.A.T.)

Yup, it has been sitting on my desk for the past three days and I cannot bring myself to even open the envelope!

I have been tatting, however.  The bootees, I have started. For the FIFTH time. Nothing much to show right now, just a wonky- looking sole.  I am using a Mary Konior pattern instead of  the one I started and started and started with that was from Tatting With Anne Orr.


Also, my books now have a new home.  My tatting library, which had taken over my table, now has its very own position of prominence.  My mom gave me a little table that she no longer wants.  My dad used to keep some of his art supplies on it, so it has a very sentimental meaning for me.

Will you look at that: TWO binders for patterns I have saved or copied!  Yikes!  Scarier than Hallowe'en!

Heather has asked for support for her friend Tracy - check it out - and two of these hearts are for her and one is for my 94 year-old Aunt, who supports my tatting addiction.

She is always full of good things to say about ANY of my endeavours, no matter how arcane or esoteric! She is my biggest champion.



  1. I so enjoy your blog. Love to follow you here and on InTatters. Thank you for the comments you have left while visting my blog. Also, thank you for the nice comment about Tico...nothing like a 'childs pet'.

  2. Hi Fox!
    I hope the fifth time will be the charm for you on the booties. It looks like you are off to a great start - the pattern is SWEET and the thread is CUTE so I think you have a winning combination! And the hearts are SO PRETTY! I'm sure they will bring comfort and smiles.

    I have thought about the 25 motif challenge also. My former accountant's brain put the schedule of it on a calendar year basis beginning January 1, but now I am realizing that you can set your own starting point. Still haven't done it though, not sure why...

    I like to THINK I am relaxed, but I have realized that I often am not. Case in point: the simple beaded edging I plan to make to PRACTICE a couple new techniques is on hold because I want to PRACTICE the techniques and get them down first. I'll relax if you relax! :)

    I like your table - it's pretty and so nice that it gives you good memories of your dad. It looks like it works perfectly for your blossoming library!

    :) Ann

  3. You KNOW, as slow as I tat ~ I'm able to finish 25 'things' in a year. I try to do themes; but, lost the thread of that (bad pun). So now, if I tat it, it ends up in the challenge. Every DS counts, no matter the shape it takes.
    I'M TOO SCARED to take Tatter A Time ~ 'fraid I might not live that long! LOL I am SO very slow. hugs, Bev

    MK's pattern should be more 'readable' than Orr's.

  4. Wow that multicolor one is yummy! Your collection looks like mine did, until I was forced to go I have 60 Gigs of pdf's and jpegs and get the ^_^

  5. I'm with you - what's with the GUILT and why do we make ourselves CRAZY?

    The booties are looking great - I am sticking with making the hearts for Heather as my challenge for now.

    You are so lucky to enjoy a 94-yr old Aunt - and especially since she supports you in everything.

    Now open that T.A.T. envelope, RELAX, and ENJOY your tatting :)

  6. Oh, yes, the 25 Motif Challenge. It sounds daunting, but you have a good perspective on it. You can do it.

    Your tatting library is growing! I'm sure that's not the end of it!

  7. Thanks, Nancy! It is my pleasure to visit your blog!

    Ann, What? R-E-L- What is that word? Hold on a moment. Gotta worry about how to spell that....
    I will if you will! Right!

    Bev, You are right! This pattern was a lot easier.
    About the future... You can get hit by a truck anytime. Not a joke, that one. I actually was!
    You gotta stick around. The humour and wit are just too good to disappear! xxooxx Fox : )

    Inoshen, I sure do get the point.... I'm headed that way!

    Cindy, It is still sitting there! I just cannot bring myself to open it till I finish the booties. One more to go!

    Chiclet, So, you think so! Well, I will think about it!
    Yes, the library has expanding. I am not short of inspiration from the book arena now!