Monday, October 19, 2009

BooBoos and Blunders

Got this thread (Bamboo Crochet Thread) at the Fringe Element Tatters event - a free sample - and thought I'd try one of Birgit Phelps's patterns.  The thread is heavy and loosely twisted, but it has a luxurious texture and  shine; looks quite lovely tatted up. Alas, it was not meant to be:

However, I finished The Boss's socks:



  1. Ooh, I agree with Tatskool! She's going to squeal with glee. Grat job!

    Sorry the bamboo didn't work out (yet). It does look like a fascinating fiber with which to tat.

  2. Tatskool, Yes, I believe she will! She loves a pair I made for her a while ago with your wonderful Rainbow Bright.... : )) Fox

    D, Thanks ! The Bamboo is not great for tatting. Too fuzzy. But, it was free and I wanted to try it out. Too bad I messed up on the pattern and there is not enough for finishing it. Great pattern - I'll post it in Lisbeth very soon! : ) Fox

  3. Your boss is a lucky one!

    This makes me want to tat socks for the better half's cousin's babies - hmmmm i wonder whether they would allow boy babies to wear lacy socks.

  4. Hi Fox!
    The Boss's socks are VERY cute! I always enjoy seeing additions to her wardrobe. We are into sock weather here, maybe I'll make some for my own boss!

    I like the pattern you started with the bamboo thread. Is it REALLy bamboo? We have a couple bamboo towels ('cause that's all we can afford). They are SO SOFT!

    :) Ann

  5. wickedtats, Sure! Go for it! I am going to make a present for a woman who is going to have a baby of indeterminate sex as yet, and I am going to try the heirloom tatted pattern! Why not give it a go! Fox : )

    Hello, Ann! Yup! Bamboo it is - just like the yarn. Similar method of production to the yarn - composed of plant fibre. Ah, yes, a little dear!
    Fox : )

  6. Very nice! My granddaughters would like such nice socks too.

    I like that kind of thread a lot.