Monday, October 5, 2009

Berry Nice!

 Cat food tins can be hazardous to your digits!  The Peter Pointer that is über-important for shuttle tatting took a beating this weekend - or should I say a big slice?

Doing the right thing - washing the tins before putting them in the recycling container - I felt a paper-cut kind of feeling...  you don't want to hear the rest! 

Marty and the heamostat (sounds like a medicinal rock band-ade!) sprung to mind, but I think I fared a wee bit better than she did!

In spite of the first aid pits stop, the strawberry is done.  Am not sure if there will be only one or one in each corner.
Would four be over the top? 


  1. Oh, that strawberry will be so SWEET for your little shortcake!

    I like the idea of one in each corner. Would it be possible to weave a small red ribbon into the crochet along the blanket edge, connecting the strawberries for a border? Just a thought from the Queen of Complification.

    Sorry about your #1 digit, hope it is making a speedy recovery!

    :) Ann

  2. Ehem,. one can never have too much tatting my dear!

  3. Krystle, Oh dear... myh thoughts exactly!

    I was thinking of a red tatted border, after I do the crocheted one. You think YOU complicate matters!

    A ribbon is just too easy! The ribbons always do not do well in the wash, so I thought the tatted edge might be more practical - although it is a lot more work! ♥fox

  4. Fox,
    That is a WONDERFUL idea! I concede the throne and pass the crown to you!
    :) Ann

  5. Four would NOT be over the top. Especially seeing how drop-dead darling your strawberry turned out!

    I like the ribbon idea, but you are right, they never fare well in the wash. A tatted edging would take significantly longer.

    Why not show us another piccie once your berries are on? ;-D

  6. Thanks, D! I will post for sure! : ) Fox

    Hi Victats! I guess the consensus is four! Lots of tatting for me! Fox : )