Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Heart is in the Mail

Another recuperating being out there inspired this.

Ohhhh, I really like it this time! But, I will send it off tomorrow with my best wishes.

I do like this pattern....from Judith Connor's Tatting Adventures with beads, shuttle and needle. The thread is Lisbeth #20, and it is a wonderfully soft lilac shade.

Also fooling around with SCMR"s:

That border? Only fifteen more repeats (it seems ENDLESS) and then I get to sew it on to the hanky!


  1. That is GORGEOUS!!! Lilac has ALWAYS been one of my favorite colors - your heart is SUCH a nice shade - and I LOVE those beads! They seem to have a metallic shimmer... SO pretty!!!

    cough, cough...sniffle... sorry, I've got a code in my doze... and my address is...

    :) Ann

  2. All your hearts are beautiful. I think the beads show up more on the lavendar one. Nice job on the coaster. I am going to have to check into getting that book.
    SCMRs are so cool. Pretty motif.

  3. Very pretty heart!! The color is so soft and delicate looking.

  4. Fox, the heart is very pretty, love the shade and the beads. The star looks very festive.

  5. oh yes, it's a wonderfully soft lilac shade !
    I love Judith Connor's patterns too. Your work is beautiful and your shuttle "Fox" too ;-)))
    Have a nice day
    ancolie from France

  6. I like beads and tatting together, your work shows it off beautifully! Good job on the SCMR-s. They always trip me up.

  7. Very pretty! The thread looks so lovely with the beads. Pretty colors. :)

    Looking forward to seeing the finished hanky! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  8. I love tatted hearts and yours is very pretty!

  9. The heart looks so delicate in that colour and beads, she will love it.

  10. Thank you everybody for the great comments! I have been away and this is the longest I have gone without posting! I am suffering a bit of withdrawal! Fox : )