Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google Shuttles Along...

 Recently, I won a lovely little something in an Ebay biding war!

This is a first for me as I do not purchase much online other than from Roseground,  Zig-Zag Corner or Handy Hands -  you know, the the usual suspects!

At any rate, I will show you my prize, which I think it is indeed a real find, when it arrives from abroad....

Before I found the auction, I was tooling around the Internet, looking for this and that, when I decided to check about shuttles; I sent Google to do its thing.  This is what it retrieved! 

Gotta watch those search words!


  1. So did you get any? Are you going to become a badminton babe?

    :) Ann

  2. A shuttlecock! Badminton here I come! I remember my teacher in seventh grade at Grand Coulee, WA saying, "Keep your feet on the ground!" LOL I always tended to "jump" when I played tennis later on.

    EBAY can be addictive! I still want 2 different kinds of shuttle for my collection. The heavily carved Asian bone and one from Scotland ~ can't think of the name of the application at the moment.

    Googling Shuttles is like Googling Tatting (you also get Tattoo parlors! :>) Bev

  3. Very funny, it will at the very least keep you fit.

  4. Oh can't wait to see what you have won. I'm still buying cotton on e.bay, won a box today.
    Don't think you would get far with those shuttles though!!!

  5. Ha ... and I though I was the only one who should know better with these search words, LOL. I hope you'll have to time to hit a few shuttles. This is one kind of shuttle that you can hit all you heart out and it never gets broken.

  6. That's not so bad, LOL! I can't tell you how many tattoos Google has shown me when I ask for "tatting", LOL!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  7. Anne, I think that one kind of shuttle is enough for moi! The other shuttles are for the birdies!

    Bev, I can just see you on your toes, rushing toward the net! Me, I had a wicked overhand slam... a long time ago!!

    Hi Tatskook, Actually, it is a really good game for those inclined to play well with others. That leaves me out! This old curmudgeon is the solitary runner type... I would probably trip over a shuttle. Better to tat with one. : )

    Sally, Way to go! Lots of good cotton out there. Congrats on your win! But my prize is not fibre.... stay tuned!

    Jon, Aero, shuttle,....who knew!!! : )

    TattingChic, Not one tattoo site for me, strangely enough! This one did make me laugh as it was so unexpected! : ))

    Thanks, everyone, for all the comments!
    Fox : ))