Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From Across the Pond

I have been lusting for these shuttles for a long time - well, for within the framework of the past eight months or so! I found them at Roseground Supplies, in Nottingham - you know, Nottingham? Where ROBIN HOOD lives! (I'll bet Maid Marion knew how to swing a swell shuttle)

These folks have the BEST service.

I received the shuttle in less than a week. Imagine my surprise when I saw the sample of Lisbeth included, which I had to use immediately to test the shuttles.

This is what happened:

I am pleased!


  1. I love Roseground. that's where I get all my shuttles - I buy the silent tatters.

  2. I don't know why, but "I'll bet Maid Marion knew how to swing a swell shuttle" put a Mae West type Maid Marion in my head swinging her shuttle and saying, " Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"

    That is a pretty shuttle - it looks SO shiny and smooth! Is it a silent tatter like Ladytats mentioned? I'm always afraid I'm going to wake the baby with my clicking clovers!

    And I VERY much like your "free" flower motif! It's great that you are getting to enjoy more tranquil tatting time!

    :) Ann

  3. That doesn't look like a silent tatter. What brand of shuttle is it?

  4. Oh yes! I love this shuttle. I have two myself. The surface is very smooth that the thread just glides across it. It is slightly bigger than the Clover. It has the right weight and fits nicely in my hand. I like it so much, I don't even mind that it doesn't have a pick at one end.

    I had to do a bit of 'surgery' on it first though. The tips at both ends are closed quite tightly. I had to sand it down a bit. Did you have to do that too?

  5. That looks like an Inox shuttle. I got one of those here in CA at Velona needlecraft. Enjoy your new toys. :)

  6. Ladytats, Those silent shuttles look a bit complicated, what with the locking device and all...
    Fox : )

    Ann, You kill me! That is EXACTLY what I envisioned! Great minds.... must be!
    Yes, I seem to be enjoying the tatting more..not so stressed or something! : )) Fox

    Suzanne, It is a simple Inox - a bit begger than the Clover and with no point or hook. Just a plain post shuttle! But, I like it a lot! Thanks for your comments, BTW. Yes, TAT has been invaluable for me! You were right. I could never have learned as much so fast. Now, however, I have to just tat away to practice and perfect what I have learned. I am still very, very sloppy. I only post to make myself confront the imperfections - to shame myself into slowing down!
    Fox : ))

    Jon, So, that is how you loosen up the tip! I was going to run it under hot water..... But filing it? Yikes, I don't know if I can do that! I am using them as they came and after a bit of a struggle, and opening the tips up with my fingers, I seem to be doing fine. I really like them! Fox : )

    TattingChic, You pegged it! Inox, I think - though there was no packaging. I am enjoying them immensely. Fox : ))

  7. Oh, love my Inox, too! Aileen (Wicked Tats) sent it to me as a Chinese New Year gift! It's what I used in Tucson to work on lesson four in Design-Tat.
    Actually, the silent tatter shuttle, holds its tension really well and isn't nearly as complicated as it seemed when I first saw it on line. I have the little short one and I like it because it fits in the smallest spaces.
    hugs Bev ~ in her own bed at last! (that sounds a bit odd ~ ah well, I am a bit odd)

  8. Now I'm lusting after one of these Inox beauties. Gotta have one! I love Roseground too, but I haven't ordered from them for years. Shame on me!

    Your tatting is lovely, not sloppy at all! And thanks to you I was able to correctly manipulate closing joins - the first time I tried it with the directions you sent! Miraculous!

    FYI--I am working on a thank you giftie to send you because I would never have gotten it without your help. Keep getting distracted with the Design-Tat lessons. But I will get it done!

    You are my TAT program inspiration.

    Now, off to scheme, dream and plan the strategy for acquiring an Inox shuttle all my own. Come to me, my pretty. . .