Tuesday, September 29, 2009




  1. Your coasters look so nice! Better framed than used, I think.

    Just checked out your story about the mysterious gifter of shuttles. I had not read the early part of your blog - I think I came in somewhere around Black Magic time. LOL!

    Did you get your HDT skeins wrapped? I got one done - it took me the longest time Saturday night!

  2. They look awesome! The colors are perfect! LOVE THEM:)

  3. Thank you so much!

    I am very pleased with the two sets of coasters - the tatted part, that is.

    Unfortunately, the acrylic coasters are not very well made, in that the parts that are supposed to stick do not do it well!

    I would like to find another type of coaster. Anyone have any ideas?

    I am going to use the eight I bought because I have them. But, I won't purchase them again.

    Fox : )

  4. Ditto what Gina said - those motifs would look SO pretty framed just like you have them above! Sorry about the problems you are having with the coasters, and after you have worked so hard to get two sets done!

    If the motifs are sliding, perhaps there is some type of adhesive (goodness KNOWS they sell so many different kinds) that you could use to secure them to the coaster. I was thinking just a couple dots of something would do the trick...

    :) Ann

  5. Thank you, Ann!

    Yes, of course I have considered 'gluing'. But, precisely because there are so many choices, I am not certain which one would not eat into the foam in a bad way and show..... Maybe just a little dab of regular LePage's glue and wait till it is really dry would do it....nothing too laden with chemicals...
    Fox : )

    FYI - I just checked online - no chemicals in the glue stick! Thanks for the motivation to check this out. I'll try my little simple glue stick. Easy peasy!