Monday, September 21, 2009

Border... B'Bye!

I have decided not to be a masochist. I am not going to finish the border.

I don't like the look of this thread against the green hanky, although it is very pretty on its own. It is interesting to me that I have known all along that I was not going to like the finished piece; I found it too busy and there was too much colour, but I ignored the obvious and kept plugging, getting more and more frustrated and annoyed.

Rats quit running in the maze when they find no cheese at the other end; only humans keep runningthe same futile route over and over and over again!

Krystle said a while back - this is meant to be fun. If I am not enjoying it, why do I have to finish something I am not going to be pleased with? Why can't I change my mind about a project or just decide I will not continue, for no other reason except that I said so?

Ah, the endless struggles of a control freak and a perfectionist. At least this is easier and less expensive than the stained glass work I did in the past. Harder indeed to justify a change of heart when there are hundreds of dollars at stake!

There is already a new border in the works in another pattern, in a thread that is the same colour as the cloth. End of rant.

Back to the coasters: the second set.

I began,

Treebeard by Lady Shuttlemaker

and finished the first one very quickly. I am working on the yellow one now, but here is the completed green one.



  1. Perhaps it is too colorful for what you were envisioning or for what you prefer. But, objectively, it does not look bad at all. In fact, I really like it. So if this hanky is looking for a home (hint, hint), let me know. (ha ha) ;)

  2. OK, that motif in Lady Shuttlemaker's HDT is WONDERFUL! I love the subtle shifts in color. Very pretty!!!

    And I don't blame you a bit for discontinuing work on the edging, although I think it is beautiful... I agree that it just doesn't POP against the green handkerchief and anyway hobbies ARE supposed to relax and refresh you! I wondered though, do you think there is enough to make a smaller handkerchief in lavender or white for the little boss lady? She seems to have an appreciation for the finer things...

    In case you don't post again before this weekend, have a good time!

    :) Ann

  3. Perhaps a classic white border? :-) I loathe tatting in white and ecru lol....

    BTW, what thread is that in the bottom pics? Deee-lish!

  4. I agree about the border. The green thread is the wrong shade with the green hanky. The border itself is gorgeous, though, so I hope you can find something else to put it on. I love the thread for the coaster, too.

  5. Hi Fox,
    The border is very pretty, great pattern! But I am the same way about colours needing to be "just so" to work even if no one else thinks so. Sigh... I always thought it was some kind of Virgo thing (or at least that is what I blamed it on LOL) Just LOVE the threads you are using for the coasters!

  6. Oh what a shame its so pretty, but you will find something else to use it on eventually! I took on holiday a hankerchief to tat a border for and then ran out of cotton! It was old cotton so no chance of finding anymore. It took just like you ages to do and now will have to start again - grrrr

  7. HJ, Hi! You are correct, I found it a bit busy! Thanks for visiting. Fox : )

    Ann, LOL! You remembered that the hanky is for The Boss! And, she certainly would like purple and white! Good suggestion. Hankies are on hold till the coasters are done, however. I think this weekend will be very interesting! I can't wait. Enjoy yours as well, Fox : ))

    Krystle, White? Ecru? Hmm... I don't think I can do it, although I love looking at white work that others do. The bottom thread is good old DMC #80! (Top is Majestic #80)
    Fox : )

    Hi, Miranda! Thanks for the visit! I LOVE the thread - Lady Shuttlemaker's - I used for the last coaster. It is even prettier in real life! : ) Fox

    Jeannette, Yes, colours must be absolutely a certain way for me to be pleased. You seem to know exactly how I feel about this! Ah, the artist's temperament! Fox : ))

    Hello, Sally! Those borders absolutely gobble the hours, don't they! Will you really do the thing again? Yikes! Rather like a re-read of War and Peace! : )) Fox

  8. On Tuesday I cut off three small things I had going and didn't care to finish and it felt very good. Three monkeys off my back =) I do love the coasters you are making!

  9. Paula, Yes, it is a great feeling to get rid of this irksome monkeys! Good for you! Fox : )