Thursday, August 27, 2009

The "Tease" is in ...

Matlese Ring!

Almost there. After much cutting and winding and hurling of shuttle against a wall. I have managed to squeeze out a few almost recognizable rings. There are a few glitches to be corrected yet. The end of the circle is not right, but I am working on it!

I have become as obsessive s a tatter as I am an obsessional organizer. This box that sits on my table where I always sit when I tat is a bird's-eye view of my personality. Scary, huh!

Insight: I am not a collector. I live in minimal space, have minimal possessions, am a bit spartan.

So, I ask you, how have I managed to collect over 40 books about tatting (and I just ordered Jon's, of course!) in one year. And why do I have to tat a replica of a gift piece, so that I can keep one for myself! I will NOT mention thread.

No sooner had I sent this heart off to my sick friend, than I was busy tatting its mate so that I would have one too! What is that about?

The ruffle is driving me round the bend. I can't count to save my life and the tension is abysmal!

The ongoing edging. There are 60 repeats to be done. I passed the halfway point, but try not to count every few stitches!



  1. You look very organised, and very tidy, not a thread out of place! I do recognise the syndrome of wanting to hurl the tatting shuttle against the wall though!
    But you never give up and thats the main thing - pleased to see the edging is progressing.

  2. Oh! Oh! Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter!
    I may have recently purchased another tatting book when I got my mini hooks and such (It would have been IRRESPONSIBLE to waste the postage). So I will not throw any stones...

    Anyway, it is Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns. On pg 4 it talks about marker threads to use when counting a bunch of stitches. You take a one inch long piece of contrasting thread and lay it between double stitches at intervals (like every 10 ds) so you can keep track of a large number of stitches. When you don't need them anymore, you just pull them out! Would that help with the ruffle?

    I'm happy the mock rings are coming along!

    :) Ann

  3. We were at a Jimi hendrix tribute concert last night, and when they played "foxy lady" I thought of you .....

  4. I wish I was organised. It is mor organised now that I have the DMC boxes.

  5. Hi Fox,

    I love this Maltese ring. It's not difficult to do but, at least to me, it's necessary to pay much attention and to concentrate.

    A the end the result is alway very nice.

  6. Sally,
    Organized to a fault! Problem is, in my life I have spent far too much time not doing, but ORGANIZING! Can be a bit of a curse....
    : )) Fox

    I had to look up the Mr Kotter reference..... Do you believe it, I never watched that show, so your hilarious reference was lost on this sorry, weird, eccentric, academic, reader, non-tv watching hermit!

    I pummelled my own forehead when I pulled out the book you mentioned. I sent for it (when??) and never got a chance to really look through it; so it was on the shelf, hidden away.
    Thanks for the tip. All I really need to do is COUNT and practice the technique.

    Mock rings are maddening. : ) Fox

    I love that! : )) Fox

  7. Sharon D,
    The boxes must really help! : ) Fox

    If I concentrated any harder, my eyes would cross! I just do not have the 'hang of it' yet! : )) Fox

  8. Ha ha! I know what you mean about ordering a ton of tatting books in a year! My tatting book collection (and tatting shuttle and thread collections) have doubled in this past year! Like I really "needed" any of it, but I did NEED it, I SAY! LOL!

    You have your tatting organized nicely from what the photos show.

    Your Maltese rings are coming along nicely and the edging looks very pretty, too. I know what you mean about the tension on the ruffled hearts. I had to do it a couple times before I had one I felt satisfied to show on my blog for the comparison that Marilee had asked me to do with the HDT's. :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  9. Your edging is coming along beautifully. I like how even that you have organized :-) I am having a hard time with the ruffle on the little heart also. I've made 2 of them and am not happy enough with either one to gift it away, please let me know if you figure out the trick to it.

  10. Hi TattingChic! Your ruffled edges make mine look like limp spaghetti! I sent the one I posted to my friend, because if I had waited till I got a god one, he would have been already feeling better!

    The Maltese rings - they will have to wait! Too frustrating to figure out on my own. I think I need a real person to show me this one.

    I'm going to go to your site to look at the ruffle again. This I can work on! LOL!
    Fox : )

    Bonnie, Thanks! I am pleased with the edging, but it goes so SLOWLY! Good luck with the ruffle, As you can see( read above) I am not at all pleased with mine. Practice, practice, I think! : )) Fox

  11. LOL! Yes,I had a buncha "limp spaghettis" before I got it right. I found I had to really scrunch tight after each ruffled stitch set and that seemed to help. Maybe it will help you, I don't know. :) Knowing you and how you seem to persevere; you will master it. I've seen you do it before and I've no doubt you will get this down pat, too. :)

  12. TattingChic,
    I am not convinced - as per usual!!! But I will give the tight scrunching a go and see if it works. Thanks! Fox xxoox